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Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgandy

I have an automatic prejudice against any movie starring an ex-member of SNL because let’s face it, 90% of them suck and even the ones that were allegedly good, I still found to be unfunny and annoying. But I think we’ve been … Continue reading

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RIP Robert Moog

Robert Moog died Sunday. His most famous invention being the Moog organ which could be really awesome in the right hands. Last year, there was a documentary about him. I didn’t get to see it (hopefully, I can rent it) … Continue reading

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First Japanese player in the NHL!  So that puts the NHL having the usual Canadians, Americans, Swedes, Finns, Russians, Czechs and Slovaks. But now there’s also Swiss, French, Norwegians, Germans, Ukrainians and Uzbeks.  I’m going with citizenry, if you went with birthplaces, then it gets … Continue reading

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Weird Science Theater returns!

Click here.  I have it reroute to my old CapMac site due to the graphics involved.  Enjoy and post comments here.

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When Presidents Lie by Eric Alterman

Never before have I received so much static from the Republicans I know for this book’s cover, unlike What Liberal Media? or Weapons of Mass Deception. When they saw me with this book, they automatically bitched about it being another Bush bashing, which … Continue reading

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Reviews for Mid August

Peddlin Dreams – Maria McKee: You could say this one is High Dive Part 2 since it feels like a continuation her 2003 release and maybe it was the leftovers. I personally enjoy the album but I think most people … Continue reading

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Why I need to read the fine print

I scored some new containers from The Container Store this weekend as part of my kitchen-cleaning project. I put them all in the dishwasher to clean them out and whoops! These two set me back over $12 and only after … Continue reading

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Game On! Widget

Hockey’s on shortly and for those of us in 10.4, here’s a widget to help us focus our excitement for opening night. Go Flyers!

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Stormwrack for D&D

Firstly, I want to quickly declare that there will be certain words you will never see in my reviews or comments on Gaming. Crunch or Crunchy: What a crappy word to use! The appropriate words that should be used instead … Continue reading

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Somara’s trip to Arcosanti

Check it out. It’s an awesome idea but since Americans are chained to their cars, it’s pretty hobbled.

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