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Thanksgiving 2008 Cake

Somara finally sent me a picture of what she took to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Underneath the sugary shell is a pumpkin-flavored cake. Not to worry, I did get a slice with the plate she brought back from the … Continue reading

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Beulah, ND Encore: Small World V

Facebook strikes again! Another friend I had from the wild and carefree days of North Dakota contacted me. Thankfully, it wasn’t a poke but a request, which sounds more polite. Even better, this person from my past isn’t female…but if … Continue reading

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Happy 10th Birthday Nick!

My first nephew celebrates a decade! I remember how thrilled I was when Brian gave me the news from California (where he was living at the time). I was on a later shift at work so I bought some kind … Continue reading

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Happy 70th Birthday Rich Little

This man is the best impersonator on the planet in my lifetime but he is probably unknown to most people under 35. Dropping out of the limelight in the Eighties probably contributed to it. Lately, impersonation comedy has be relegated … Continue reading

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He takes the pressure off of Mark & me

When I was younger and went to concerts, I always remembered seeing those old guys in the crowd, thinking, “Dude, check out the old farts who think they’re cool! They must be at least, like 30.” Now that I’m 40, … Continue reading

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1988: My first Metallica concert

About 20 years ago , Paul, Doug and I saw Metallica in Milwaukee during their big breakout tour, explaining why the old site had those colors. They may look wimpy for Metallica but they’re the primary colors from …And Justice … Continue reading

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The Simpsons 11th Season DVD

Has it been 14 months since the last DVD set for the Simpsons? According to my site and calendars, yes. I guess the recent WGA strike also covered commentaries (unless a union member can clarify). It was a rough Summer … Continue reading

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Eww! Cat tartar!

No that’s not a tooth. It’s a piece of tartar my vet (Dr. Todd) chipped out of Molly’s mouth. It’s about 3 mm thick and the penny is next to it to provide scale. I should show this to my … Continue reading

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Perfect “Score” on Wii Fit

Somara and I have a new weight-loss competition for the remainder of the year. Not exactly the right time to start with all the holiday parties in America. Still, I’m up to the challenge due to my competitive nature. Here … Continue reading

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Welcome to Picayune revamped

Finally! Picayune has made the move to a more efficient solution for posting 1200, WordPress. It’s rather obvious since it’s advertised at the bottom and many of you may recognize its rather “blah” default Theme. For a couple years I’ve … Continue reading

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