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Floppa not coming back to the NHL… this season

This should bring a collective yell of relief from Philadelphia and other strongholds of Flyers fans because there were rumors of Peter Forsberg returning. Holmgren would’ve had to throw away several effective players to bring back the frequently injured has-been to … Continue reading

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Death from the Skies by Dr. Phil Plait

Hooray! Phil’s long awaited follow-up book to Bad Astronomy hit the shelves last Fall; he doesn’t like to be addressed as doctor. He told everyone last year at the Iron Cactus get-together about it and I bought this at Book People … Continue reading

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1999: My last show at Liberty Lunch

Before Austin’s gov’t practically gave away the land to CSC, I caught my last concert at this venue with new friend Ethan. Despite it being a somber event, I was pretty excited to see Semisonic. The Minneapolis trio was still … Continue reading

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Where’s Shaun when you need him?

Some pranksters got into the controls of this road sign and left a funny message. I wish I saw it the evening I was traveling home on I-35 from Waterloo Records but according to a more detailed story, (caution, there is … Continue reading

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1994: Final Chicago Weekend

A couple days earlier, I got through the annoyance of court preventing me from moving forward with my life; the wounds caused by GDW hadn’t scarred over yet. Now that it was out of the way, I went back to … Continue reading

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T-Shirt Hell is closing

My friend Jeremy gave me the news. What a shame. I read the site’s explanation too and I wasn’t really surprised over the humorless morons part. Deconstructing why would be a waste of time though. In a parting shot, I scored … Continue reading

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No ice storm…bummer

I really wanted to stay home, play Rock Band 2, eat snacks, re-watch the second season of the Powerpuff Girls and take a nap. This Winter in Austin has been the most unpredictable in recent memory. Normally, when it’s cold, … Continue reading

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It figures that Disney would find a way to get one more hit from their dried-up well of formulaic princess stories. Anyone with a little girl at home already knows the premise: the sweet princess Giselle is sent to the … Continue reading

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1994: My “day in court”

Some days I felt like my association with GDW would never cease despite being fired at the end of 1992. OK, the negative parts had an albatross vibe. Continuing to have the friendship of Lester, Steve (aka Stvee) and Lazz … Continue reading

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Happy 40th Birthday Patton Oswalt

Most of the world knows him as Remy from Ratatouille or the character he played on the sitcom The King of Queens (I never watched it) but he’s made numerous cameos/appearances in cartoons, movies and other comedy specials. My favorite is … Continue reading

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