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Is it a “new” team or an acquisition?

Today the AHL granted Austin (really Cedar Park) a limited membership in the league. There’s a condition to purchase a team in a year. I’m confused. There will be a team but inevitably another one must be bought and relocated … Continue reading

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1989: My afternoon and evening with Mojo Nixon

Days like this one 20 years ago always makes me regret not being more of a shutterbug but back then cameras were just such a nuisance: the film, the delays to develop and worst of all, not knowing how well … Continue reading

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Flyers are out, now comes the annual blame game

I was off by one game on my team being eliminated by the Penguins. Losing in game six is only bad when it happens in Philadelphia. The forums will filled with the usual invective: trade Briere, ditch Knuble, don’t sign … Continue reading

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Operation: Alexandria, Week 6

Friends, well wishers, etc. are still getting confused over this project, especially when I reference it in Facebook’s low-end, poor-man’s Twitter update. So I’ve made a separate Category on the site for it to make it easier for those who … Continue reading

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Nice Deliverance reference

This nice gentleman at the Pennywise/Pepper concert (I was doing my Ecology Action volunteer work) let me get a picture of what he was wearing. Definitely one of the other highlights of the show since neither band was my cup … Continue reading

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“It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.”

Not when it’s made of chocolate! This was a very, super special birthday cake for someone who’s a huge fan of the movie so I knew he’d understand most of the little jokes. Somara was very dedicated to this project … Continue reading

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One beelyuhn iPhone applications downloaded!

The winner happened yesterday. Not a bad list of prizes too. Now that it is over, I can pursue a really cute application my friend/co-worker Ayako recommended without fear of getting caught in the contest. It wouldn’t look too hot … Continue reading

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A new alignment test

A major peeve about Facebook, other than its rather intrusive nature, are all the quizzes/requests I get from a small handful of friends. Where was this crap 15 years ago when I had time? I bet AOL would’ve remained a … Continue reading

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Guster in Austin with Earth Day activities

For Earth Day, I finally got to see Guster; a band who really impressed me with their 2006 release, Ganging up on the Sun. Sadly, there’s no solid information/plans on when their next album will be appearing but currently they’re … Continue reading

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Ladytron and The Faint in Austin

  Ladytron at Stubb’s courtesy of Shannon J. Rodgers Last night I saw Ladytron for the third time and I’m grateful I didn’t pay to attend. Oh, they were in decent form but on this outing the quartet shared the billing … Continue reading

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