Dr. Plait gets his own TV show!

You may know him as the guy behind Bad Astronomy the book and the blog on Discovery.com. Plus I loved his recent book Death from the Skies. I have yet to see his appearance on Mythbusters regarding the Moon-Landing Hoax; trust me, I used to carpool with one of those schmucks, Hoaxers are as irrational as Birthers when it comes to facts.

Jeremy told the news earlier last week but I wanted to get the official scoop from the good doctor himself. My guess is the timing of this was set to coincide with the San Diego Comic Con (I have at least one friend attending as well, I need to ask him if it remains worth all the trouble). I’m glad I checked. I thought he was going to have an ongoing show but it’s only a three-episode miniseries. Maybe it could be the beginning should this do well. The remake…sorry, re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica had the same opportunity.

I definitely will cough up the dough to get this through iTunes, then I’ll have it around as a handy reference on my iPod Touch/iPhone.

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