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The daily Fort Worth cow commute

This is the main event on Exchange Street in Fort Worth. Besides, the really impressive tour of the exchange, pens, barns, coliseum and history; a simulated cattle drive twice a day is what people come to see. If you’re a … Continue reading

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Halloween 1995

This was the last costume I’ve ever worn for Halloween and it was my favorite. How I wish digital cameras were more readily available because this is the only photo I have of me as Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous. … Continue reading

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Minus the Bear

These guys made another pass through Austin Wednesday night to promote their latest album Omni; I wholeheartedly endorse the record, see the KMAG page. Personally I was pleased and surprised to see them return to Stubb’s this Fall because they … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter

The former 39th (US) President visited Austin this afternoon to sign copies of his latest book. It’s really excerpts from his diary (or journal) during his four years in the White House. I decided to attend over a month ago … Continue reading

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Off to stop Darth Rosalyn!

The funniest fusion of two awesome things since the Aquabats’ Incredibles-themed shirt. Sadly this piece of apparel is no longer offered. It had a 24-hour window through a site called Tee Fury. I signed up for their daily newsletter so … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Doc

On the off chance he actually reads this site or bothers with an RSS feed, I won’t tell you what I sent him but it was awesome. Who wants a great surprise ruined? Doc (nee Lee) is the guy who … Continue reading

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Pow! Right in the kisser!

The Stars are off to a great start this season. Expectations are certainly high after their surprising and amazing Calder Cup run. After last night’s shootout, they are 5-2-0-0; 10 points which is pretty impressive given their late start; most … Continue reading

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Only in Austin: Oct. 2010

Whenever driving through downtown Austin, cyclists are a common sight. You have to be extra careful not to hit them since some are not very attentive, and vice versa from my years in Hyde Park. With the weather still being … Continue reading

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Alarm clock, aka “Tank Girl” saved!

I cannot remember when we converted my old Flower Power iMac to its current role. The darned thing has been around for so long, powering up every morning at 530 AM, tapping into the stream, displaying key widgets for the … Continue reading

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The Town

Everybody loves to rip on Ben Affleck. Whether its South Park‘s cheap shots, his relationship with Jennifer Lopez or the dreck he has starred in: Pearl Harbor…UGH! However, this movie reminded me that he deserves more credit than his detractors … Continue reading

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