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I’m not alone in Texas!

What a pleasant surprise to see from one of the neighbors’ houses.

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Last Sunday’s concert was almost 30 years in the making for me. When Devo hit my radar with their third album Freedom of Choice, I was 12 and these guys were just plain weird. Some of the goofy things Mark … Continue reading

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850 days to go before our 10th anniversary

Just a friendly reminder and to get a quick post up before I go catch up in a flurry of writing tonight. Make sure you have the time post in 2013 since I owe some of you a wedding.

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Help me name this kitty

Nature does abhor a vacuum. One, the bags need to be changed too often on our Dirt Devil. Two, every time I get a local stray fixed and adopted, a new feline moves into the turf to taunt Molly. This … Continue reading

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Zamboni ride!

In addition to the whipping my Stars gave the Griffins (or as I jokingly call them, Griffindor because they have this dorky Harry Potter-like emblem on their shoulders), I got to be a passenger on the rink’s Zamboni® during the first … Continue reading

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2001: Grandma passes away

The memory of receiving the news from my father in tears remains a rather detailed incident. I was at work, supporting a customer with some basic questions about AppleWorks and when I saw the North Carolina-based phone number on the … Continue reading

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Happy 80th Birthday Leonard Nimoy

Ignoring this special occasion while the Shat gets all the attention would be illogical! I do envy him a tad. In the horrible Star Trek reboot, Leonard’s Spock had a better successor actor than Kirk received. So did McCoy, Scotty … Continue reading

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Bernadette Peters

The Grande Dame of Broadway graced Austin for the first time in 15 years at the Paramount Theater last night; same place we saw Weird Al. How I was so looking forward to see her perform live again. After catching … Continue reading

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The King Strikes Back

If you can come up with a better punchline than I could, please do in my Comments. The other captions I thought of were: I sense a disturbance on the throne. The Return of the King…remastered by George Lucas. Elvis…I’m … Continue reading

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The latest productivity killer in my life, Train Conductor 2

This cool little game (only 99 cents) was being played on the iPad demo unit at Best Buy last month. The colors, the sounds and the movement were too hard to resist so I scored it for mine. Now it’s … Continue reading

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