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Happy Belated Birthday to Mark!

I think ever since I was invited to his birthday party 10 years ago, which occurred on the 30th, I continue to mistake his birthday as then, it’s really the 29th. It still slipped my mind anyway. Fear not, he’s my … Continue reading

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A rather aggressive breakfast

Borrowing the joke from Animal House, I remembered this ol’ gem from high school when Toaster Strudel first appeared in the Eighties. It was on sale at HEB this week so I scored a couple boxes to reminisce what Brian, Cousin … Continue reading

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Better than an asterisk by his name

If you lived in Austin, you’d have a front-row seat to what an asshole Lance Armstrong is, his phony-baloney “charity” and the stench of his political ambitions which I’m hoping are derailed by the doping scandal. Maybe he’ll go hang … Continue reading

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Belated welcome to Julia!

A co-worker’s new daughter who is just too adorable! Here Julia is sporting the new onesie we bought for the parents from

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Finally…all the old posts are done. New contest inside!

A project that was over five years in the procrastinating after I made the shift from Blojsom to WordPress. There was no easy way to convert so I undertook the tedious process of literally copying and pasting the text in. It … Continue reading

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Monsters University: Rental

So far the Summer Movies of 2013 have been rather mediocre. Monsters University was one film I was stoked about seeing because I loved Monsters, Inc. Sequels are often cynical ploys by Hollywood’s accountants to make a quick, lazy buck but Pixar proved this criticism … Continue reading

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RIP Alan Myers

The surnames Mothersbaugh and Casale are often what everyone thinks of when Devo is mentioned. For 35 years, the Spudboys have been mostly those two sets of brothers. Alan was the drummer who backed them throughout the salad days, the … Continue reading

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Belated 19th anniversary to the Jimenezes

Yesterday was 19 years of marriage for Tammy and Nelson. I clearly remember the weekend in Milwaukee too because whenever I hear someone complain about how damn hot it is here, I quickly have flashbacks of how cold I was. … Continue reading

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RIP Richard Matheson

Matheson is mostly remembered for being the author of I am Legend, the only Sci-Fi book I can recall being made into a movie three times; I’ve only seen the Seventies version known as The Omega Man (it’s very Seventies). For me he is … Continue reading

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I’m on a shoe Mr. J!

Mostly everyone’s favorite evil, crazy, lovesick henchman Harley Quinn stars on her own Converse Hi-Top Chuck. I’m not sure why Converse chose purple as a primary color when Harley’s costume uses red with black. The artwork is reminiscent of Alan Davis’s style. … Continue reading

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