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Life Itself: Worth Seeing

Seeing this documentary about Roger Ebert was my personal me-time birthday celebration for 2014. I used to take in a movie back in my twenties but the tradition faded out when I managed to cooler fare as the thirties were … Continue reading

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New term for Urban Dictionary: DouchebAggie(s)

douchebAggie: noun; a student or graduate of Texas A&M who enjoys cruel or sophomoric humor. While waiting in queue for the Aquabats concert, a bunch of us were watching these semi-drunk Aggies hanging out on the balcony of their expensive downtown … Continue reading

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Nichelle Nichols

Running into the cast of Star Trek shows continues with living in Austin! Nichelle dropped by Dragon’s Lair for a quick signing because it was on the way to another convention in San Antonio with George Takei and Walter Koenig. Lucky Somara, this … Continue reading

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Put me in for a gross!

Kristin posted this as a tribute to Jeremy, but I’m sure she was speaking for all wives and girlfriends because we all know…girls don’t fart as the song goes. Personally, I hope this is true. Of course it could *ahem!* backfire … Continue reading

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The T-Rex must have some Kryptonite in its teeth

Spotted this amusing shirt during my vacation while waiting for Magic Johnson. Given Superman’s incredible strength, the dinosaur should’ve been clocked a few miles away even after John Byrne gimped this ability in the Eighties.

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Happy Birthday Somara!

Today is a pretty cool day for my wife of 11-plus years. It’s also her 16th birthday with me. I guess you could say our relationship is allowed to drive! Only a few more years before it can buy me … Continue reading

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Welcome back Mangia!

The recent rumors were true. Mangia Pizza has returned to Austin’s north side! My favorite deep-dish pizza place in Central Texas regained the location on Gracy Farms (it’s near MoPac and Burnet). The interim place Pizza Bistro was very good … Continue reading

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A dedication to my ex-roommate

If you know anything about Paul’s digestive system, especially after he’s had Real Chili, he’s a virtuoso compared to this guy. I can see a dozen tie-ins with other fans of this music and humor: Beavis & Butt-head, Brian Posehn and Metalocalypse.

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I’m still not Groot (Beer)!

The other half of a nice gift from those friends. Rocket I had heard of. Groot I had no clue and it appears he precedes the Marvel Universe’s launch in 1961. This does make sense though. Before Stan Lee and … Continue reading

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Happy First Day of Fall 2014

To me, Labor Day is the official end of Summer and kick off to Fall. Being a Midwesterner, school would agree since its beginning tended to coincide with this arrangement. In Austin, it’s at least a couple weeks away. Phew! The … Continue reading

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