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Players in Pflugerville

I couldn’t believe I may have found a replacement location to do some writing and thinking near the house. The Starbucks up the block craps out before 10 but if unemployment is in the cards, then I will get an … Continue reading

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Happy 111th birthday Grandpa

He could’ve lived this long and then some if he took better care of his symptoms earlier since I keep reading about the numerous people making it to 110-plus and I think NPR did a story about how America has … Continue reading

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Threw in the towel today…

…after having a futile meeting with my boss’s boss (which was expected in the opinions others and mine), I was struck by a sudden case of icouldntgiveashititis. So I called the sick line to say I’m leaving for the day. … Continue reading

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Not bad, 10 for 12

See if you can beat my score without cheating since this only allows three minutes to guess the characters with three-letter names. Some are a stretch on knowing their actual first names.

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Happy National Hamburger Day

Here’s a good link from the fine folks at Mental Floss. In Austin, the best places are the smaller chains/mom-and-pop operations: Mighty Fine Dan’s/Fran’s P Terry’s Whataburger, if the above aren’t feasible, namely for time or distance This got me thinking … Continue reading

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Central Texas Flood 2015

Huge swaths of the area are assessing the damage and cleaning up. Meanwhile, the GOP-heavy government has taken up yoga to practice the sudden flexibility in accepting Federal assistance to get through this mess. I guess Faux News “scientists” told … Continue reading

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We now own 22% of our house!

It’s always awesome to see the piechart shift the numerical value when I update the balances on our debts! For the house, I base the percentage on what we still owe Wells Fargo against what the house cost when we … Continue reading

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Masters of the Universe

I was a college student when Masters of the Universe came and went circa 1987. Obviously I didn’t bother to see it. There were other more interesting things to do, namely acquiring a taste for beer (aka, drinking it without make … Continue reading

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Bartman squared! And Customer Service Joy!

Friday was a great day of good things, mainly what you see in the photo. I do want to back up a little though to write about the power of manners and being nice. The other day (Thursday, lunch hour) … Continue reading

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Happy Eighth Birthday Maru!

Japan’s most famous Internet cat star celebrates middle age and his owner has put together a greatest hits. Japanese co-workers explained to me what Maru’s name meant because the only use of maru I knew was “boat” or “ship” as per … Continue reading

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