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Lego Batman: Must See

The breakout character from the hit Lego Movie stars in what will have to be the sequel until there is a second Lego Movie. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s completely the opposite, totally awesome. We get to see the Will Arnett … Continue reading

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A belated tribute to Abraham Lincoln’s birthday

Given the recent rise in the American Nazi Party (there is no “alt-right”) and their allies, the Klan. I felt it was only appropriate to honor the man who helped hold the country together by showing how I really feel … Continue reading

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RIP: Al Jarreau

We heard the sad news as we pulled into our driveway yesterday. It made me regret never getting around to seeing Al perform too. He was quite a fixture of Milwaukee pride around Summerfest and the city’s somewhat conservative Jazz cliques. … Continue reading

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Miguel the Cat update 2

As always, Miguel showed up on the porch unexpectedly, mewing through our window because he was hungry. A good thing since White Rock Hospital called me to say he needed a booster shot to help with his health. Somara was kind of … Continue reading

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