Maggi Picayune Music Podcasts

If you’re interested in checking it out, click here but you’ll need a password from me. Feel free to contact me and if I know you, you’ll get it.

Safari users will need to remove the “.mp3” at the end of the files that somehow get tacked on by the browser.  Firefox and Chrome don’t do this, I checked.

Currently available:

1992 XMAS Sides A & B


WMAG 1 (November 1992) Sides A & B


WMAG 2 (December 1992) Sides A & B

WMAG 3 (January 1993) Sides A & B

WMAG 4 (February 1993) Sides A & B

17 for 16, a podcast challenge from Kate Ludlow

WMAG 5 (March 1993) Sides A & B

1994 Austintatious both part, three have themes, the rest are random.

In the works:

WMAG 6 (April 1993) Sides A & B

WMAG 7 (May 1993) Sides A & B

1995’s Greatest Hits which were never completed in 1996

1995 XMAS Sides A & B, getting a head start here!

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