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The Dark Crystal in 70mm

Another interesting choice for Alamo’s 70mm series. I haven’t seen The Dark Crystal in years. I want to say I may have via Somara’s DVD collection but I keep thinking back to my senior year of high school when it was … Continue reading

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RIP: Masaya Nakamura & John Wetton

A sad double whammy against two people who were a staple of my life in 1982, especially how awesome that Summer was. First up is Mr. Nakamura, the person behind Pac Man and its parent company Namco. The sequel Ms. Pac … Continue reading

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RIP: Miguel Ferrer

Poor guy, knocked out by cancer at 61. Well he had quite a resume of his own and didn’t live in the shadow of his famous father Jose Ferrer. His big debut was the OCP executive who approved the Robocop … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl minis are ready!

Next up…learning the rules to the game! Meanwhile, my miniatures for Blood Bowl are looking fantastic thanks to Pierre’s painting skills. You can check his work via his site. I highly recommend Pierre! My next possible commission for him will be … Continue reading

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Austin Toy Museum

Every time I went to WizWorld, this organization brought a diorama to advertise their existence. So Somara and I finally checked the place out. It’s located downtown and on the East side of the interstate in a modest-sized building. Overall it was … Continue reading

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Farewell to McCormick Hall, aka the Beer Can

This is very old news to any living in Milwaukee and/or more into keeping up with Marquette events. I found out recently through the alumni magazine. All I had to say was “It’s about time!” McCormick Hall was so crappy … Continue reading

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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Another book I managed to read before the movie is released in…2018. Yeah, I definitely got a better head start unlike The Martian. Spielberg is directing so the film adaptation may be fantastic like Jurassic Park or a humongous dud like this Summer’s The BFG. … Continue reading

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RIP Pete Burns

Pete will always be known as the lead singer/mascot for the band Dead or Alive with their hits “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record),” “Lover Come Back To Me,” “I Wanna Be Your Toy,” “Brand New Lover” and “Something … Continue reading

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Weird Al Yankovic

I’m finally getting off my duff on the Weird One’s birthday (he’s 57 today) after seeing him in concert for the third this July…and having my brief FaceTime with him. This Summer we saw him again on a second take … Continue reading

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Stranger Things lives up to the hype

Admittedly, I’m late to be on the Stranger Things bandwagon when this Netflix hit appeared in July. I was busy getting back into the groove of working, living and other crap which gets us all through the day. José recommended it … Continue reading

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