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Trainspotting: 20 or so years later

With the upcoming sequel due in a few weeks, Alamo had a screening recently that I wanted to revisit as preparation plus I hadn’t remember watching Trainspotting in years. I did read the book after seeing it at the old Village Four … Continue reading

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Girl drink drunk spotted!

A great running joke from The Kids in the Hall

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Generation X 25 years later

I re-read Douglas Coupland’s debut novel in 2011 for the 20th anniversary but failed to write about how well it held up. Now that we’re on the 25th anniversary, I can try again since people prefer increments of five! The … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace John Martin

Last week John was killed in a car accident courtesy of an asshole running a red light up in Georgetown. I received the sad news during my lunch hour Friday from a co-worker. Although John left Apple a few years … Continue reading

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RIP Jack Riley

Farewell to the man who was Bob Newhart’s grumpy patient Mr. Carlin  in the Seventies but to my generation and younger people he was the voice of Stu Pickles on Rugrats. Jack had a very distinct voice. I think he also … Continue reading

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RIP Jerry Doyle

It’s sad how all the Babylon 5 actors are dying off so quickly. By my count, about half of the principle cast is gone which rules out any real reunion. For a long time Jerry played a favorite, the cynical yet … Continue reading

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RIP Garry Shandling

A damned shame Garry died suddenly because he was a quiet, unsung hero of comedy but it wasn’t always that way. When I first saw him, he was in the same camp as Billy Crystal, a rather boring Johnny Carson … Continue reading

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return!

…and the Maggi Republic helped! We pitched in enough to get the Blu-Rays plus I wanted the stretch goals, no wait, add-ons of thumb drives of Crow and Tom. Having had the great luck to meet Joel Hodgson a couple … Continue reading

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RIP: Scott Weiland

Scott’s death isn’t any surprise sadly. The guy lived pretty hard on booze and drugs, I think it was a pre-requisite for being the singer in Velvet Revolver due to the rest being made up of former Guns n’ Roses … Continue reading

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1990: Graduation!

I took the last couple days off to focus on Christmas cards, see the Stars lose in overtime to the proxy FIBs and finish some shopping, namely packing materials. This month’s header is focused on my graduation from Marquette University … Continue reading

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