1981: The first DeLorean rolls off the production line

Given its history of problems in production, rolling off the line would be a compliment and accurate. Johnny Carson’s died as soon as it left the dealership. So…pushed by the workers to a delivery truck?

Despite the car being a Ponzi Scheme John DeLorean bilked the UK millions of pounds for, the DeLorean (there are varying models by year), gained its immortality in Back to the Future. I even have the Playmobil and LEGO versions with the time-traveling car. What always sold me on it were the butterfly doors. When I was a kid, I had a Hot Wheel version of a Mercede concept car with the same feature first. That Hot Wheel always helped me win at Thundershift 500!

I have also had the good fortune to ride in one when I was in college. The dude who owned the DeLorean, I never envied him. The darn thing was often broken and getting it repaired was a part-time job because it was the pre-Internet days which meant he had to spend time combing through trade/hobby periodicals to find spare parts. Another matter which has made ownership easier, 3D printers and people figuring how to make replacement parts to keep them operational.

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e-mail Etiquette is lacking with Generation Z?

A rather interesting opinion piece about how Gen Z does/doesn’t know how to write an e-mail, especially to their university instructors. Having been and continuing to be an avid user of this medium, I saw some of the writer’s point but to be fair, every generation sucks at this. The problem is that younger people find e-mail too slow since the Telecom Baronies got them hooked on instant-messaging which was a more lucrative business when it used to cost me 10 goddammed cents every time a rude friend sent me one. However, the Telecom Baronies finally set up all-you-can-eat plans.

Back to e-mail.

I think everyone should be given an etiquette class on e-mail much like how people get tutored on cover letters, resumes, so on. Regardless of younger people’s demand for instant gratification through SMS, e-mail is the official way to communicate if you want to hold a job without it involving burger flipping. It comes into play in numerous other scenarios: buying stuff from sellers on Web sites, government inquiries and not getting written off as a crank with mainstream newspapers which will continue to exist.

It will help cut out the class divide on this front too.


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The Muppet Show returns via Disney+

The Evil Entertainment Empire will finally let this beloved syndicated show out of the vault and of course the big question…what took so long? Emperor Mickey fell through on the last two seasons on DVD over a decade ago plus I doubt it had anything to do with rights, Disney is notorious for shitting all over that.

Still, I’m glad because I miss it. I used to go through all the trouble to watch the first season on channel 17 with the rabbit ears on our TV. It was a small effort too because the station chose to air it on a Saturday afternoon; this was before ABC was nothing but college football by 10 AM. Hard to believe the three commercial networks passed on The Muppet Show which is why Henson went to the UK for production. Over there it was an ITV program like Space 1999 and I think The Tom Jones Show. After the hit The Muppet Movie in 1979, syndication went through the roof. The Muppets went from being my little secret show to a standard in the daily 6:30 PM slot to usher in prime time stuff.

I’ve never seen their Nineties attempt but I can assure you the current program Muppets Now…SUCKS. It isn’t very funny. It isn’t very interesting. It’s a chore to watch. I can live with the guests I don’t recognize; kids will be puzzled with Show having Zero Mostel and Madeline Kahn, maybe not so much Alice Cooper or Deborah Harry. Now‘s formula doesn’t work. The Muppets work best when they’re all together, playing off each other’s characters and interacting with people. It’s true in their variety shows and movies.

It would be nice if they preserved some of the DVD features. I recall Brian Henson giving an introduction about the episode and the guest. The one which sticks out in my memory the most was Elton John. Brian talked about how he was a little reluctant to do the show since he had dumped the elaborate costumes he was known for.

I look forward to my friends’ kids getting to see what made Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie and the rest cultural institutions.

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Civics…Texas Style

Yet oddly, weed isn’t legal here.

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Farewell Phil Spector

The debate over who’s responsible for the Wall of Sound Spector is credited for will go on forever yet he did contribute immensely to Popular Music. Phil comes more into play for my generation by working with the Ramones since they were trying to recreate the rawer Fifties thing.

Spector spending his final years in prison wasn’t a shock, especially with other artists mentioning his pistol-waving threats. Allegedly, he fired a gun near John Lennon’s ear to make a point. It was inevitable somebody would end up dead by his stupidity and it did in the Aughts. The suicide argument was pretty lame.

Now the next question will be…who inherited his flock of wigs?

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My first attempt at “fancy” cooking in a while

Yesterday, it was my turn to resolve dinner because Jennifer got a one-time gig to administer CV-19 vaccinations; I think she inoculated over 300 people too. I wanted to try something different instead of takeout. Plus I’m trying to impress her, Jennifer has cooked favorites for me over the weeks in addition to all the work she’s done for two holidays.

The other thing I want to refute is the crap I have (and still) received regarding my culinary skills with/without Somara in my life. Firstly, Somara was already a deadly cook and Cordon Bleu just made her lethal. Secondly, I never had trouble cooking or feeding myself before, during or after my relationship with Somara. I was an apt pupil as a kid and I know how to follow instructions. Why I don’t go crazy? I’m lazy. When I do bother, I’m adequate. I won’t blow you away yet I won’t make you sick.

Above is what I decided to give a shot. Salmon. I wanted to go with something other than beef or chicken. I’ve been eating it too much lately (more on that later). HEB had a decent cut and my ex-roommate Garrett demonstrated how easy it is to cook in an oven with just some foil under it. The second part is potatoes au gratin which I just went with a boxed kit, it’s faster and works. The carrots I put more effort into and I needed to find something other than another starch. A quick Internet search showed me you can just peel and quarter about two pounds of raw carrots baked in some olive oil for 30 minutes. This made enough food for the both of us with one last decent portion I shared with Jennifer’s neighbor/friend. Couldn’t get a different taker while it was at least warm. Next time!

Jennifer’s reaction. Pretty solid. I didn’t want a parade. I got what I wanted, permission to do this again when she has a long day doing a contract gig and I’m off from work.

What should I do next? Suggestions are welcome.

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Disenchantment shirt that’s overdue

In honor of Disenchantment‘s third season kicking off this weekend, I finally remembered to post a good shirt someone made via TeePublic. I need to do some more research to see if any more gear has been made of this show. I still hope Groening will have a new publisher to do separate adventures of the characters; I really miss Bongo with all the Simpsons and Futurama titles.

Meanwhile, I’ll finally write about it but obviously I think it’s great because if a critic from The AV Club hates it, then you know the show is actually good. Same rule to use whenever the local, freebie, weekly paper likes/hates a movie.

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Political arm/party of terrorist organization moves to Dallas

That is the correct and more accurate headline regarding the NRA’s latest move to escape the scrutiny of New York (state). Their claims of “toxic” environment are laughable. New York investigators discovered embezzlement, fraud and other side hustles these shitbags have been doing thanks to Ammosexuals being gullible (see 1/6/21). As they flee to Texas for their bankruptcy, something well abused by Orange Foolius, I’m confident the new incorporation is being welcomed with open arms via my state’s NeoConfederate regime. Especially AG Ken Paxton whose never met a bribe or inside deal, he never liked. Oddly their HQ (or lair) is in Virginia, not a backwoods shed in Montana or Idaho. At least they had the smarts to avoid Austin, they’re not welcome here unless your name is Alex Jones.

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Special Chucks to celebrate my graduation! MU30, Part 1

Current events and exhaustion kept this mini-gallery from being posted along with its companion piece reminiscing about how it was merely 30 years ago I graduated from university. I stupidly missed the one-day Black Friday offer on the site so I paid full price, which wasn’t really too bad ($85). The colors and the big M on the exterior were close enough to Marquette’s logo or typeface. Maybe I can find some old Warriors stuff to glue on to the other side so I don’t have to deal with jackasses who think I’m wearing Michigan…a good school in its own right, I just didn’t go there.

Converse was pretty cool to have the rubber parts and eyelets be different colors to keep up the theme. No luck on getting different colored laces to keep it going.

It blew my mind that their filter, bot or whatever, allowed me to have Marquette stitched in the back. Years ago, you’d get shot down if requested copyrighted names from the major leagues and universities; oddly it didn’t reject Wolfpack (NC State, and an AHL team). I figured you couldn’t use the names of institutions, good thing I was wrong. Maybe the filter assumed I was entering the name of Marquette, MI because my alma mater draws a blank once you’re 200-plus miles from Milwaukee. Bring up the 1977 NCAA championship under Al Maguire, then some light bulbs go off.

I probably won’t wear them unless Marquette Day 2021 is safe enough to have a gathering; it probably won’t given that 4000 people/day continue to die and only the one percent have received the vaccine. I will look pretty spiffy with 2022!

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Soul: Pixar rebounds…for now

What a pisser that I didn’t get to see this for the first time at Alamo Drafthouse for Soul was definitely an event movie and I can only imagine them having some original snipe before the main attraction. Oh, of course the short preceding which was traditionally Pixar hinting at what they were going to do next. Due to work on Christmas Day, I also didn’t get to see this until Boxing Day.

We all know the premise thanks to the constant plugs and Vonnegut-level of advertising reminding us, hey, did you know this will be on Disney+ on Christmas Day along with WW84? Too bad CV-19 didn’t mortally wound the advertising and marketing industries to the point of extinction.

As for the movie, this is when Pixar is firing on all gears and makes a kick-ass film on par with Toy Story, Inside/Out or WALL-E. They took a solid premise, hired the best voices for the characters (not the other way around as per Dreamworks) and executed a story which caters to intelligent people. The Wal-Mart/Cars crowd can kiss my ass, they have all their Fast and Furious bullshit to watch. The best part of all? They kept the plot twists out of the ad campaign so when it happens, it’s a true surprise. Imagine how lame The Matrix would’ve been if there were commercials pre-explaining the red/blue pill jazz. My personal favorite part is how the before-life period is an inverted vision of Albert Brooks’ after-life way station from Defending Your Life.

I’m not going to weigh in on the nonsense about Soul not being “Black” enough or it caters too much to Whitey; newsflash to the whiner from The Root, if there’s excessive catering, it’s to appease the autocratic Chinese market. The Pixar team worked hard by doing their homework on making a movie worth watching multiple times and will age better than half of Hollywood’s recent output.

Final Rating: On a scale of Pixar, DDA (Divorced-Dad Activity) or Animated TurdSoul is obviously Pixar.

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A belated farewell to (Adobe) Flash

This browser plug-in to make animation and simple games work kept the Internet from being 99% dominated by porno; today it’s probably in the 80% department. I honestly don’t know what the real numbers are but I do consider 99% of the crap via TikTok to be worse than porn. Flash did help make YouTube the powerhouse it is today.

If it weren’t for mobile devices needing to conserve power and often be connected by subpar cellular networks, Flash probably would’ve kept going a few more years. All the talk about HMTL 5 was just that, talk, like how the US will one day convert to the Metric System. The other accusation was security glitches. Again, Big Data and its partners don’t truly give a crap. The current tech we’re using has more holes in it than a brick of Swiss cheese. If security were a real concern, the Tech Superpowers wouldn’t be in bed with China and have their dick in a vise regarding 5G.

Thanks for all the fun Adobe Flash! You definitely helped enormously while dial-up was the primary means.

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What used to be a common sighting in the Eighties

Not the machine necessarily but vehicles with at least a cabinet or two getting transported from one location to another, often arcades. This Missile Command cabinet was in pretty good shape from what I could tell. I didn’t have any luck running into the owner. I would’ve asked if theirs had the special modification card which made the game harder. When it this video game first came out in 1981 at my local Aladdin’s Castle, I found it pretty difficult already but thanks to a Netflix documentary discussing the history of video games, I learned about some college students who turned their side business into careers with Atari.

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Burn in hell Sheldon Adelson

He was a real life C. Montgomery Burns since he and his flaks call him a “patriot,” since their definition means, a person who feels they have the right to piss on other Americans’ human rights, legal rights and freedom in order to enrich themselves. He loved Orange Foolius in the end even though he squandered millions the three-chinned Newt when 2016 was up for grabs. Adelson also was a fanatic for Israel committing war crimes which is why Bibi was his other bitch. In short, he backed the Right because the Center was going to make him pay taxes or worse on his gambling ventures; Black Nixon’s people were investigating him for law-breaking over his Chinese holdings. Once I learned more about this human turd, I made it clear that I would never spend a dime on anything in his Vegas joint, the Venetian.

Good riddance. I hope he has a slug of offspring who will fight over his ill-gotten estate and break it up into more easily manageable and taxable ventures. The only justice the world received in his death, he lived to see Orange Foolius defeated, soundly by eight million votes nationwide, by people he won’t allow in his properties.

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Agamemnon’s first encounter with snow

I wanted to see his reaction to this weather since cats vary when it comes to snow. As you watch you’ll realize, he’s my cat alright. Isis was spared this because she spent a good chunk of her earlier years as an outdoor cat (asshole neighbors) so I’m confident she experienced this crap. One time, I got permission to let her at least spend an evening in the garage.

Agamemnon is only two and as far as I recall, Corpus Christi (his home) was spared in recent history. Watch to see what he thinks. The good news, in short, I don’t need to sweat him dashing out the front door of my house like others Jackson Galaxy has to rehabilitate.

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Snowmageddon 2021

A quick sample of how thick, lasting and messy yesterday’s snow “storm” was. Personally, I thought it wasn’t going to happen. Then we had several hours of icy rain to set the conditions for snow. It also stuck because the ground/roads were cold enough to make accumulation happen. There were various snow people made in people’s yards and I caught one snowball fight amongst a family. At least one stranger at HEB asked me how to drive in this: go at least 10 mph below the speed limit, as a stop is approaching…ease into with the brake and most importantly, don’t drive like most Austinite Assholes, this whole ego problem of “I have to be ahead of you!,” take your time, we’re all going to get to where we’re going.

As expected, there was a wave of school closings or delayed openings. Wimps. This was then followed by runs on bottled water, toilet paper and white bread at all grocery stores. The translation for Whole Paycheck: Topo Chico, bidet fluid and scratch sourdough with sixers of the most pretentious IPA you’ve tried to swallow.

I’m still torn about working from home versus a delayed opening, they don’t give us snow days anymore. I hate having to do my job from my personal sanctuary from the planet, it’s not just about getting away from work yet I get paid for the whole day because I did work the whole time. The delayed opening is crap too. We have to give up vacation time to make up the hours the site isn’t operational since the leadership will only cover two hours. How I love to risk the cost of my car insurance deductible while some of the laziest people I work alongside lie about how their drive way is too downhill to come in.

Either way, living in Austin is better than my hometown. All this crap will melt away for good in two days and the temperature will return to the teens (Metric). Springfield would just get a fresh layer before the week is over.

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