Check out my new LED-enhanced dice!

Chupacabracon (number eight) has come and gone. At least it was in person this year after a couple went down the crapper, I just can’t do the virtual thing. It’s too close to being on par with playing a computer game and those are the worst; the majority are uncivil little, pimply-faced goons. With Chupacabracon, I had a great time! I learned how to play a boardgame involving dinosaurs duking it out in an arena. I landed the last ticket to Robin’s annual Savage Worlds scenario; this year, her adventure had us players portray different band members from a made-up European country vying in this year’s Eurovision song competition. I closed out with another Savage Worlds one-shot run by my cousin’s friend. We were the goofy, non-powered, wannabe superheroes from Mystery Men which is also an underrated movie.

Obviously, I couldn’t avoid a little shopping and above is the coolest thing I scored. These dice have little LEDs built in that blink whenever rolled. They’re rechargeable too! The trick is getting the correct die face with the contacts on to the contacts in the case; lining it up with the eight and ten siders is on par with solving a difficult puzzle. Then you plug in the USB-C to A cable into a powered source. The next generation of these should be programmable, namely in having an option to only light up when you roll the highest number or a one with each die. This would definitely make a natural 20 on the d20 even more exciting!

Now to get either my in-person campaign rebooted or my Plan B, being the villain-of-the-week for my friend Mark B’s games. You can count on me to be utilizing these!

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  1. Nelson says:

    Sounds like you had a great time!!

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