Commuting hasn’t changed too much

Last week, I had to drive to the campus three times and although I have grown accustomed to the joys of working at home, especially when my Agamemnon shows me how happy he is in my lap; I never really hated commuting. I luckily bought my house at a location that has remained relatively easy to get to regardless of the three Austin areas Apple chose to stake their claim. Then there was a pushy asshole weaving between lanes, vying to be ahead of everyone on Wells Branch and continued this idiocy when the street transformed into Howard and then McNeil. I continued to stick around the speed limit. I’m not perfect, I’ve been guilty of going a tad over occasionally. I’m not a monster. What just made me laugh was the jackass still being the car in front of me by at the light dividing the intersection of McNeil and Parmer. All his (I saw him, he was a dude) bluster, impatience and attempt to imitate Speed Racer was for naught. I took it easy, enjoyed my podcast and tried to stay vigilant: pedestrians, bikes, other idiots. Yet we practically reached the same spot in the same time.

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  1. Nelson says:

    Smart play!!

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