Seven thousand miles!

Last week I got past six weeks in time for exercise but the duration covers all kinds of exercise: indoor bike, outdoor bike, stair master and running on a treadmill. Today I have gone over 28% the circumference of the Earth via an indoor bike! Some people find this impressive. I don’t. Seriously, it’s a fake bike, indoors without worries from the environment (namely Austin drivers who don’t signal) and I’m in no danger of getting lost.

The last ten days have been fantastic too because I haven’t missed a morning, the best time to exercise. I get super obnoxious headaches if I put this off to the afternoon/early evening. Anyway, by really, really pushing my average to 17 miles/day has been effective at closing the gap on where I theoretically am on my way to Beijing and how far behind I am with averaging 10 miles/day as I had planned way back in January. Should I beat my longest known streak, 73 days, maybe I’ll be on par to beat out the 2019 records. Not quite the ideal, 3652.4 miles or more. I think the loftier goal is to get the cycling down enough that I can scrape up some additional time to climb a few stairs so I can get my lifetime cume to be over 11,000 storeys. Wish me luck and I won’t be blathering on about this until I reach Beijing which should be within another 10 days.

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  1. Nelson says:

    Nice!!! Great job!!!

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