Wish List

If you ever feel like getting me a gift for any occasion…don’t. However, should you insist, giving to charities I back is cool or anything you can send to me electronically.

  • DLCs for Rock Band through PSN
  • iTunes (electronic) cards are great for music or books
  • Amazon too because the iPad uses Kindle software
  • $10-20 to Sound Opinions via their NPR station WBEZ
  • $5-10 to Mr. Deity
  • $5-20 for the Texas Freedom Network
  • $5-20 to the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas
  • $5-20 to the Liberace Foundation
  • $5-20 to On the Media via their NPR station WNYC
  • $5-20 to the ACLU
  • $5-20 to the Bob Moog Foundation
  • Online magazines for my iPad through Zinio (namely a back-stock offer on Mental Floss)

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