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1. Picayune? What the hell does that mean?

According to Webster, the dictionary I trust as an American-English speaker, not Oxford:

picayune (noun)-1a : a Spanish half real piece formerly current in the South b : half dime; 2 : something trivial.

picayune (adjective)-of little value : paltry; also : petty, small-minded.

You can be the judge of which is applicable but the longer story behind it goes back to when I was in high school during the Eighties. Bloom County was a popular newspaper comic and the word picayune was used in their journal of record (Opus worked in the personals department). I found the word rather funny, as if it were made up. When I was in college, one of my JOUR 100 projects was a front-page layout and my suggestion to have picayune in the banner (or name) won out, despite finally discovering the above definition. I still liked it enough that when I began to make my own newsletter in 1991 (an idea I ripped off from Doc), it had to be incorporated for most recipients. It has then go on to remain through all incarnations up to today: newsletter, fake magazine, web page and now weblog.

2. How many pairs of Chuck Taylors do you own?

As of now (Fall 2012)…88 pairs including three of AC/DC, two hot rod styles, many plaid designs, superheroes, supervillains, odd colors and a clear vinyl pair which makes me feel like I’m hanging out at Andy Warhol’s Factory.

3. How many schools did you attend growing up because you seem to blather on about so many different places?

From Kindergarten until I graduated from high school: 10, five of them being various high schools which I attended from as long as over a year to a briefly as six weeks. Hence, I’m not distraught over missing reunions.

4. You yak on and on about Las Vegas…why is it such a big deal?

Firstly, Somara and I have a time share there (should be paid off in several years too) which means we have a place to always stay for one week every two years. Secondly, it’s where we tied the knot in 2003. Lastly, I actually can relax in that crazy, ever changing microcosm of America. Plus all the cool things that happened to me keeps me coming back: meeting famous people, getting married and winning with 27 at roulette…twice.

5. How did you meet the lovely Mrs. Maggi? – Cindy

Through match.com in 1999. Originally, the plan was to use the site for making new friends because all the ones I used to have in Austin (Sonia and Doc primarily) moved away before and during my exile in North Carolina. I figured I could meet some women to invite to concerts, movies or dinner, no pressure, let life take its course. After a few ladies I had drinks, dinner or corresponded with, I received an e-mail from Somara. We agreed to dinner at Chili’s to talk, closed the joint and eventually got married in Las Vegas four years later.

6. What Brush with Greatness do you secretly yearn for? Is there anyone who would make you squeal like a 14-year-old girl at a Beatles concert? – Peter

I don’t know if I can make the noise yet my list is probably very long and diverse but on the spot I would have to go with a few: Bernadette Peters, Peter Gabriel, Eric Alterman, Kate Bush, FDR and George Orwell; the last two could make me squeal because they’ve been dead for at least 50 years. I do consider myself lucky though, I have had the good fortune to actually meet other personal and Pop Culture heroes: Neil Finn, Douglas Coupland, Spinal Tap and Jeremy Roenick.

Anything else? Ask away…

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