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Weight loss has finally made some progress

I know I rambled on about this two days ago with my AARP dig but it’s such a thrill to be under 250 pounds again. I think Obama was president the last time I was this light and probably during … Continue reading

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Am I turning into a greedy AARP member?

My free blood pressure measuring device arrived today! It’s a perk I have because I have high blood pressure and I’m using the Hello Heart app on my iPhone. Jennifer is a nurse so taking the readings are a basic … Continue reading

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Why Gestapo NPH for this month?

It’s a nod to one of the best Satires made in the Nineties…Starship Troopers which hit theaters 25 years ago. Like most movie goers, I saw it the first time and thought, “Hmm, pretty decent Sci-Fi/Action flick. Not sure it … Continue reading

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I’ve taken some time off from life in general; work, my hobbies, my routine, etc. to reflect on whether or not to keep going forward with life, the universe and everything. I was in a pretty awful, awful mood in … Continue reading

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After 32 years of this and 25 online, I have decided to give up and say, FUCK THIS! It has mostly been throwing thousands of messages in a bottle with little response. Few of if anyone gives a shit given … Continue reading

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My first root canal

Contrary to this hilarious scene starring Steve Martin in one of his best supporting roles, the operation to kill the nerve under my lost filling went with little difficulty. Now I have to wait until the original dentist I was … Continue reading

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Comedy doesn’t work with knuckle draggers

This dig at MAGAts is courtesy of a clip making the rounds…  Some pretty uncivil shit right there and yet the Centrists who still can’t make up their mind on who they should (or will) vote for, wag fingers … Continue reading

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Loretta Lynn addendum

As the cliché goes, “don’t speak ill of the dead,” but I’ve always thought that was bullshit especially when the dead person was a monster (David Koch, Phyllis Schaffley, St. Reagan, etc.). Now Loretta wasn’t a monster or even close. … Continue reading

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Work continues to disappoint

The gig I landed as a rotation didn’t pan out into a permanent position even though a requisition opened up. Rather frustrating and exhausting. Three rounds and I didn’t get it. Personally, I don’t know why there were three. From … Continue reading

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Eight thousand miles!

This morning I have hit 32% of the Earth’s circumference. Never thought I would get there given what a bust September had been but I started getting back into my groove last week, slowly with 10 miles, then 11 the … Continue reading

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1982: Square Pegs debuts

On this night forty years ago, the vanguard of Generation X yelled a collective “FINALLY!” when this show hit the airwaves. Below is the reason why it is this month’s Header Art too. Oddly Square Pegs was on by CBS, the … Continue reading

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Twenty-five years of Las Vegas, post mortem

What’s really funny about Las Vegas, a city that is always changing…are the elements which have remained the same! You’re probably going, obviously dude! The gambling! The constant hustles! The ugly underside which continues despite the Republicans replacing The Outfit … Continue reading

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Talk like a Pirate Day ’22!

Ahoy mateys! It’s one of the goofiest celebrations around and can be difficult to pull off if English isn’t your first language. I’ve learned via my friend Jeremy, the Dutch are stumped even though their ancestors contributed to this wonder, … Continue reading

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Well…I have things to work on

Much to my surprise, Jennifer reads this site. I figured she didn’t bother because we live together so she’s already aware of what’s going on in my life. Nope. In short, I hurt her feelings with yesterday’s post/story and I … Continue reading

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Coming home from Vegas today/tonight

Had to say goodbye the other day to my new little friend Cee Cee, the lead cat at Tahiti Village hanging out in the landscaping. He was my favorite because he was talkative and slept by a palm tree with little … Continue reading

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