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1993: Dazed n’ Confused debuts

I think this movie was supposed to make Richard Linklater a big deal but it tanked. For me it doesn’t help that its legacy was launching the overrated, insufferable self-proclaimed favorite son of Austin…Matthew McConaughey. Contrary to the myth, he … Continue reading

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Darned front filling popped out

Normally this doesn’t happen when I eat ribs but as soon as my tongue discovered a new hole on my teeth, I was, crap! Not bad, the filling held for four years. My front teeth would be in better shape … Continue reading

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Correcting George Will’s standard bullshit…

The answer according to the clairvoyant seer of the East…Karnac! Dust, spare change and George F. Will. Ripping open the envelope, and now the question. Name three things you’ll find under a rug. The Beltway Bullshitter who loves Baseball (his … Continue reading

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Talk like a Pirate Day ’23!

I wish I had a real pirate hate but I settled for my trip-corner because they wore those too. Maybe I’ll do better next year.

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Jennifer is on vacation, I’m interviewing!

This morning, Jennifer headed out for a somewhat annual family vacation to South Padre Island. You could say it’s her Las Vegas. Tagging along are the usual crew: her mom, her two adult children, the daughter’s boyfriend and her friend … Continue reading

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Packers win opener against the Bears (2023)

I was one of the voices pushing to ditch or trade of Aaron Rodgers a season earlier and just endure the losing season while Jordan Love improves. When I saw this year’s opener being against the Bears and in Chicago, … Continue reading

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Received an e-mail from my past self today

It was quite a surprise this morning when I received something from because  I completely forgot I wrote and sent it! Santo Cielo! I had been in a crappy place too. I do remember still struggling with the aftermath of … Continue reading

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Welcome September, Austin’s last full month of Summer!

Where I grew up for 14 years, this would be August since we have a politically incorrect, non-woke season called Indian Summer which I figure is now called, Indigenous or Native American Summer. I would be okay with it being renamed … Continue reading

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Salem is a standard cat!

After 60 years, Salem finally wakes Sabrina the same way all cats have done to the human race since the day the moved in! Click on the strip to expand to its real size. In my home, we call this…the … Continue reading

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Dr. says sane and finally, gym action!

Since I took the morning off to see the doctor, I used the time to clear out the chores I kept putting off (laundry mainly). I even had enough to hit the gym, restart yet again, after the doc! He … Continue reading

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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes as I made it to 55!

It’s what one former roommate called the double nickels. How fitting, it’s the partially the title of the only Minutemen album I know! Double Nickels on the Dime. Today was pretty good and mellow. As money has been tight due to … Continue reading

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Bugs Bunny is 83!

To counter my digs at someone else, let’s hear it for my animal-spirit guide! You know I’m wearing one of my three pairs of Chucks featuring him too. I really also want to say “You’re doing a great job” to … Continue reading

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Gary Gygax would’ve been 85 today

I guess his ears were burning from the grave since my sensei and great friend Lester and I had a fantastic conversation last Sunday. Obviously, we revisited the GDW days along with our work on Gygax’s underwhelming comeback. I don’t … Continue reading

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David X Cohen’s ears were burning for his birthday!

My third Geeky Jersey based upon Planet Express arrived yesterday! Coincidence? I think not! It’s also just in time for the new season on Hulu in about 11 days. Why the ‘number’ F? For us computer-related workers, F = 15 … Continue reading

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One billionaire asshole down, 400 to go

The verdict on the mini-sub’s fate was mostly figured out yesterday, the sub was crushed like an empty tallboy against a frat boy’s forehead. I think it was fitting that the company’s founder, Stockton Rush (could his name be any … Continue reading

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