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RIP George Perez

I hope the world gives me a break for a while on all these damned obits I’ve been writing as another great in comic books passed Friday. Sadly, George’s passing was a matter of when since he had been diagnosed … Continue reading

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RIP Ric Parnell, aka Spinal Tap’s Mick Shrimpton

Ric was best known as the band’s drummer who suffered the comical fate of exploding near the end of the movie. It was the conclusion to a long-running gag about Spinal Tap having the worst luck with drummers constantly dying. … Continue reading

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Fun spin on Hughes’ cringiest movie

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RIP Chris Bailey

Damn it! Another musical legend and part of my History passed away. What makes me more pissed is that I found out two weeks later, again, via the New York Times. If I had been paying more attention of The Guardian I … Continue reading

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RIP Gilbert Gottfried

Another unexpected passing alongside the, “I didn’t know he was ill!” story but Gilbert left behind a pretty good legacy. Many forget that he was a member of the worst SNL cast (1980-81) in history so his career’s second act bordered on … Continue reading

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1987: Married with Children debuts

Married with Children was originally just a 30-minute gap to fill time because they couldn’t find anything or anybody else as the Fox Network was viewed as a joke. The executives programming Fox’s first Sunday lineup felt the same and … Continue reading

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1987: Austin’s tug-of-war battle

It originally started in 1986 but fizzled out after the 1988, the third and last. Too bad. This silly content would’ve been nice to keep. However, losing fun and amusing stuff is the story of Austin since the Aughts as … Continue reading

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RIP Steve Wilhite (belated)

Mr. Wilhite is mostly known by those who really, really know their History of Computer Science or the Internet but he was the person responsible for creating the .GIF. Sadly, he passed away on March 14th from CV-19-related complications. Such … Continue reading

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Blades of Steel flashback!

All the time we wasted in 1988-89 playing this instead of studying! This passed for a hockey videogame then too. Well, Blades of Steel by Konami was superior to Nintendo’s offering, which was cartoony. The version above had permission to use … Continue reading

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RIP William Hurt

In my obsession with getting other stories done and Picayune being caught up, I forgot to write about the passing of this actor who was somewhat a part of my life. Besides often getting mixed up with UK actor John Hurt … Continue reading

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AS I WISH Part One

It is the 35th Anniversary of The Princess Bride and the MacFarlane toy company made these awesome action figures. Each has 22 points of articulation but sadly, they’re both right-handed so you can’t do the duel accurately. Well, maybe I could … Continue reading

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RIP Ivan Reitman

Ivan has a rather checkered record for me. He was involved with some major movies as a producer, writer and director which are a part of the West’s lexicon and shared experience. I just don’t find the majority to be … Continue reading

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RIP Douglas Trumbull

Douglas was a huge pioneer in special effects, namely with Science Fiction. He cut his teeth with Kubrick via 2001 because the prickly director liked his work on a documentary for the World’s Fair about going to the Moon. This led … Continue reading

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RIP Howard Hesseman

Sad to see him pass. Glad I met him briefly at WizWorld with Lonnie Anderson. I could blame him partially for my bad career/college choices via Dr. Johnny Fever; I wanted to be a DJ or work in radio. It … Continue reading

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RIP Louie Anderson

At least his career went out on a high note with Baskets on FXX. Now that the show has wrapped up, I need to watch it since local fave Martha Kelly was in it too. If you are a Gen Xer, … Continue reading

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