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One of my favorite Horror shirts

This is taken from a commercial you see on a TV during the movie Mandy. Just way too funny! All these kids are excited to have the Cheddar Goblin puke Mac n’ Cheese on them. Even if you can’t handle the … Continue reading

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Renfield: Must See but not for weak stomachs

Another, way much better movie Universal made after their Horror Universe to compete with MCU, collapsed spectacularly under Tom Cruise’s mummy flick. Their first was that scary invisible man thriller with Elizabeth Moss. Now they go for comedy with Dracula … Continue reading

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Infinity Pool: Recommended only for strong stomachs

Before I got COVID-19, I did squeeze in a movie with my brain doctor’s OK. Cronenberg has a son and when it comes to this movie, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree! But put the Horror aside for … Continue reading

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RIP David Warner

Such a shame to see David go! Another great Shakespeare-trained actor who went on to have an incredible Sci-Fi resume: two Star Trek movies (V and VI – Klingon Chancellor Gorkon is the most memorable), Star Trek: the Next Generation (Gul Madrid), Babylon … Continue reading

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I chipped in my part for Kickstarter on the new d20/5E Modern

A favorite element of D&D’s Third Edition (3E) debut in 2000 was how the designers made the revised core rules truly adaptable to other genres (just not superheroes as Champions proves it still CANNOT do well). They immediately proved my point with their … Continue reading

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RIP Anne Rice

I’m confident all the Hot Topics and indie Goth Stores will have their flags at half mast for a while. I also wonder if Anne ever got a settlement for all the money White Wolf games owed her for ripping … Continue reading

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1981: Call of Cthulhu debuts on book/game shelves!

Chaosium with Sandy Petersen (yes, the same guy behind Doom) published what I would call the consummate Horror Roleplaying Game. What D&D is to Fantasy, CoC is to Horror. Sadly, there will never be one for my beloved Science Fiction … Continue reading

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Aliens is 35 and the header

Aliens remains a masterpiece and James Cameron’s best movie with a real budget. The Terminator is his best with limited money, making it a semi-Indie flick. After these two, I’m not really sold on the remainder because they’re more “Wow! What effects!” which is Titanic; it … Continue reading

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RIP: Clarence Williams III & Ned Beatty

These gentlemen were staples on both screens in the Seventies. Clarence got his start in the Sixties with the groundbreaking cop show The Mod Squad on ABC. Three undercover officers who were young enough looking to infiltrate evil gangs of Hippies … Continue reading

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Holiday greetings from the South Pole!

Oddly, when I sent those guys at the Antarctica Research Center, their card never arrived according to USPS. Maybe I’ll have better luck next year.

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RIP Wilford Brimley

Mostly famous for plugging Quaker Oats in the Eighties, Wilford is remembered best as being the scientist in The Thing who knew how dangerous the doppelgänger monster was. After the John Carpenter remake, I would have to go with Cocoon, the light-hearted … Continue reading

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RIP John Saxon (neé Carmine Orrico)

My generation knows him mainly for being B-Movie royalty in such hits as Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas and Battle Beyond Stars. But John was much, much more than that. He originally started out in more mainstream movies in the Fifties with … Continue reading

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What my cats probably do at their slumber parties

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Kingdom: two seasons

When I thought nothing more could be done with the Zombie trope, this joint Netflix-Korean production proved me wrong. The zombies are more like ghouls since they can run and you must watch the series through its first two seasons … Continue reading

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Welcome May and this month’s header

Onward to what will probably be our second full month of being in the Pandemic Shirt Storm so what better Header is there than a Horror movie! May 2020 is also the 40th anniversary of the Friday the 13th series. Now … Continue reading

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