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Happy Juneteenth Day

It’s nice to see what was often a Texas-based holiday finally become a National Holiday in the US. The more amazing thing was how many Republicans voted with the Democrats on this. Currently, they can’t even have a compromise on … Continue reading

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RIP Paul Mooney

It has been a rough week in comedy since we lost the other master of the deadpan delivery and a pioneer in Comedy for the world, not just Black Americans. Paul was at Cap City a few years ago during … Continue reading

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RIP Marc Wilmore (belated)

Damned Twitter! Found out through fellow Producer Mike Reiss that Marc died last week from CV-19. Life is unfair all to often since Orange Foolius and his legions remain free and not in prison where they belong while a person … Continue reading

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RIP Curly Neal

Sad to find out via Twitter that Curly of the Harlem Globetrotters passed away. He was definitely one of the iconic members during the peak popularity in the Seventies. Back then the Globetrotters were quite conspicuous: They first appeared on Scooby … Continue reading

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Hidden Figures: Worth Seeing

Firstly, I thought it was weird that 20th Century Fox made this movie. Then I remembered how the crew at The Simpsons said Murdoch doesn’t really care what the entertainment division does, as long as its profitable, thus it can contradict his propaganda-hate … Continue reading

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