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Good joke about a rather lame episode and casting issue

This is a dig at a rather disappointing episode from the early Nineties Next Generation period called “The Chase.” If it were done today via the Paramount+ regime, the execution would more likely be a more satisfying mini-arc within Strange New Worlds or a … Continue reading

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Nerf® gets in on ST:NG‘s 35th anniversary!

I stumbled upon these during Hasbro’s online convention going on about the Selfie Action figures. My original reaction was, oh yeah, Hasbro bought the Nerf people years ago. OK, I have no recollection when they did since all the major … Continue reading

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RIP Louise Fletcher

Louise had two big major roles she’ll be remembered for with the public. With Boomers, she was the evil Nurse Ratched in the film adaptation of Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The villain who is supposed to be … Continue reading

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1977: Enterprise makes its only (known) flight

Today is the day this month’s header is explained because I remember the event pretty clearly…it’s when NASA demonstrated their new space shuttle’s capability to glide in for a landing. What really sucked (and would suck) was how long America’s … Continue reading

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RIP Nichelle Nichols

Farewell to an awesome and incredible person! I had the great honor to meet her about seven years ago at Dragon’s Lair. Mrs. Nichols was very generous to make a quick stop in Austin on her way to a bigger … Continue reading

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RIP Tony Dow

Tony had a pretty good run/life and managed to avoid the post-child-actor tragedy we all hear about. Sure he was often remembered as Wally, the older brother from Leave it to Beaver, a SitCom I never hated yet I could never … Continue reading

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RIP David Warner

Such a shame to see David go! Another great Shakespeare-trained actor who went on to have an incredible Sci-Fi resume: two Star Trek movies (V and VI – Klingon Chancellor Gorkon is the most memorable), Star Trek: the Next Generation (Gul Madrid), Babylon … Continue reading

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RIP Sally Kellerman

It’s sad to see yet another person who contributed to Star Trek pass away. Sure, most of you cool kids know her as the original Major “Hot Lips” Houlihan in MASH the film but Sally played Dr. Elizabeth Dehner in the second Star Trek … Continue reading

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RIP Douglas Trumbull

Douglas was a huge pioneer in special effects, namely with Science Fiction. He cut his teeth with Kubrick via 2001 because the prickly director liked his work on a documentary for the World’s Fair about going to the Moon. This led … Continue reading

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Painfully true with many fan boys

I’ve never understood the “political” accusation. A gay couple kissing on TV has little to do with politics since there are gay men with horrendous Right-Wing politics: Roy Cohn, Peter Thiel and we all know even if he doesn’t…Lindsey Graham. … Continue reading

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Best obscure Star Trek costume-reference EVER!

The fan who did this one was a genius! Even though the alien was only shown once and on a rather lame and early episode…”The Corbomite Maneuver,” (sad I know it), which also had Cliff Howard as the guest star…its … Continue reading

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Happy 6000th Post and Star Trek Day!

One of my favorite TV shows and shared universes celebrates being on the air for 55 years! It’s amazing it ever existed given how much NBC behaved like they never wanted the darned thing. Then history repeated itself with Next Generation … Continue reading

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I need to watch this episode yet again because I still don’t get it. I tuned it out when it first aired despite the great Paul Winfield returning to the franchise. I have no recollection of it when I tried … Continue reading

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The only logical boy band to listen to

Works for me. Most Boy Bands and Training-Bra Pop stars are Deep Fakes from the start.

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Join Starfleet! It’s not just an adventure…it’s a job!

I know this is just a set worker cleaning the bridge but it reminded me of a rare, funny SNL fake ad mocking the US Navy’s campaign to get people to join with their new catchphrase, it’s not just a job…it’s an adventure. … Continue reading

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