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RIP Melinda Dillon

I hate it when Twitter informs me of sad, tragic things and I wasn’t expecting the Hanson Brothers (of Slapshot fame) to be the first to let me know this wonderful actress and person passed away. The announcement was delayed as … Continue reading

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M3GAN: Worth Seeing…no joke

One of the best things they did to make M3GAN stand out from Child’s Play was re-edit it into a PG-13 movie because it isn’t a Horror movie, it’s an updated warning about tech and the usual bogeyman, Artificial Intelligence exceeding our … Continue reading

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The Predator franchise is just frustrating much like the Alien one, Terminator died after Judgment Day for me. They started off really well, had a pretty good sequel and then have been really uneven ever since. For Alien, the biggest gripe I have is … Continue reading

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Why Gestapo NPH for this month?

It’s a nod to one of the best Satires made in the Nineties…Starship Troopers which hit theaters 25 years ago. Like most movie goers, I saw it the first time and thought, “Hmm, pretty decent Sci-Fi/Action flick. Not sure it … Continue reading

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RIP Tony Dow

Tony had a pretty good run/life and managed to avoid the post-child-actor tragedy we all hear about. Sure he was often remembered as Wally, the older brother from Leave it to Beaver, a SitCom I never hated yet I could never … Continue reading

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RIP David Warner

Such a shame to see David go! Another great Shakespeare-trained actor who went on to have an incredible Sci-Fi resume: two Star Trek movies (V and VI – Klingon Chancellor Gorkon is the most memorable), Star Trek: the Next Generation (Gul Madrid), Babylon … Continue reading

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I chipped in my part for Kickstarter on the new d20/5E Modern

A favorite element of D&D’s Third Edition (3E) debut in 2000 was how the designers made the revised core rules truly adaptable to other genres (just not superheroes as Champions proves it still CANNOT do well). They immediately proved my point with their … Continue reading

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“You’re holding it wrong” – April 2022 edition

I hadn’t thought about that response given to the Media about the iPhone 4 until it was a quick reference joke on Archer (binge watching from the beginning). Then I stumbled upon this graphic somebody made. With all the futurism on … Continue reading

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Well…April 2022 does have some elements of the movie

In memory of what was Charlton Heston’s final movie in his Dystopian Trilogy I’ve gone with Soylent Green as the theme. Planet of the Apes was way too far in the future and I’m confident The Omega Man happens closer to the time … Continue reading

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RIP William Hurt

In my obsession with getting other stories done and Picayune being caught up, I forgot to write about the passing of this actor who was somewhat a part of my life. Besides often getting mixed up with UK actor John Hurt … Continue reading

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Wade Watts’ cousin!

I loved the novel Ready Player One, but as a film it was a turd-filled burger right after the poster was released. Above is a mannequin who is also based upon Wade Watts’ poorly airbrushed leg. Oh wait. I just remembered, … Continue reading

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Italian designers need a little help with English slang

With Jennifer moving in, I’ve been changing out some appliances and one thing she got me hooked on was an electric, “direct” kettle. A couple decades ago, my parents gave me a traditional kettle as a gift which is nice … Continue reading

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Futurama is back baby! Again, no wait, maybe, take your pick

Yesterday’s announcement stating that Hulu ordered 20 new episodes of Futurama on the day Netflix released Disenchantment‘s latest 10 (making it the fourth season), sounded rather auspicious to me. Does this mean Disenchantment is over given how impatient Netflix is? They have cancelled … Continue reading

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RIP Douglas Trumbull

Douglas was a huge pioneer in special effects, namely with Science Fiction. He cut his teeth with Kubrick via 2001 because the prickly director liked his work on a documentary for the World’s Fair about going to the Moon. This led … Continue reading

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Ginger-Zed Men!

To all you Mills and younger, these cookies represent Zed, Sean Connery’s character in the cult movie Zardoz. They are not Borat cookies with the swimsuit in the wrong color.

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