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Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

I finally finished a book! We all (including myself) thought I’d get a bunch read during Covid. No luck. I was really guilty of starting a few, then getting bogged down, forgetting to continue and then losing all the momentum … Continue reading

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Some unicorn fun!

A rather funny encounter between a “manly” dragon and a male unicorn. Good thing the interaction ended well because most non-metallic-based dragons are Evil and unicorns are Lawful Good and people think a date between a Trumper and Sanders Supporter … Continue reading

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My friend printed my Traveller design!

My friend Marion recently bought a new kind of 3D printer. This type uses liquid resin instead of those pesky spools which I think remelt the stuff. Regardless, the spool version leaves very noticeable lines or layers, giving away how … Continue reading

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Ravenloft returns!

I guess the rumors of Ravenloft’s return could be partially true. D&D’s current creative team just brought back Spelljammer which I bought several weeks ago and then there’s Eberron in 2019. Wait, it’s possible since the module which started it all hit stores 40 … Continue reading

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Good luck to Lisa Stevens on her retirement

Yesterday, Lisa announced her total retirement from game publishing after some 35 years. Not bad finishing out as the CEO of Paizo, a company which makes a rival product to D&D but personally, I really dislike Pathfinder‘s Second Edition because it’s … Continue reading

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1982: My grandiose farewell D&D campaign, dead in 10 minutes

Crap! August is practically over and I nearly forgot about this event from 40 years ago! It’s a major reason why I don’t and never will, have a dog in my house. They’re great as I enjoy visiting the ones … Continue reading

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Meet Pelucchi!

In light of yesterday’s screed on how democracy is dying in America via its Senior Citizens, here’s some overdue levity demonstrating my crude PhotoShop skills. I made this creature for my cousin, her husband and their mutual friend as part … Continue reading

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Ikea instructions on D&D

If it were only that easy and didn’t require one of those damned allen wrenches!

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1992: Gen Con 25

My beloved Gen Con was last weekend and I’m shocked they made masks along with proof of vaccination mandatory. Indiana is a moron state ruled by a local branch of Amerika’s Taliban and there is a pathetic segment of gamers … Continue reading

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An editorial from the Math-impaired

The only thing I give D&D 5E a round of applause for is their advantage/disadvantage rule with d20 rolls. Given how much players love to roll dice more than anything, it caters to their obsession. It’s a pretty clever solution yet … Continue reading

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Hello June ’22 via Castle Amber!

Allegedly Stranger Things is using more D&D villains in the current season so I decided to go with an adventure that I have fond memories of…Castle Amber because I picked up the new 5E conversion at Chupacabrcon. Back in the Summer of … Continue reading

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I chipped in my part for Kickstarter on the new d20/5E Modern

A favorite element of D&D’s Third Edition (3E) debut in 2000 was how the designers made the revised core rules truly adaptable to other genres (just not superheroes as Champions proves it still CANNOT do well). They immediately proved my point with their … Continue reading

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Check out my new LED-enhanced dice!

Chupacabracon (number eight) has come and gone. At least it was in person this year after a couple went down the crapper, I just can’t do the virtual thing. It’s too close to being on par with playing a computer … Continue reading

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Fun spin on Hughes’ cringiest movie

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My new bookshelves!

I decided to treat myself with a major personal upgrade now that I have recovered my office for the new tile floor and especially for successfully clearing out the room. It was nothing but a messy, hoarding nightmare filled with … Continue reading

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