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A demonstration of Jennifer’s Texan-ess or -any?

This is a recent addition Jennifer picked up during her recent vacation to Padre but it’s a bummer she bought this in Mexico. You’d think a belt buckle as impressive as this could be found through Texas! Namely at the … Continue reading

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Sneaky Mama Cat

 If you don’t have the patience watch the entire five-to-six minutes of this, you can fast forward to the part when the mama has an “all clear” and a “run and hide” meow. This cat and her offspring were … Continue reading

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My weight is under 260 for the first time in over year!

Today required a double take with the scale but since I can’t get to the gym and scheduling bike time on a week day is a nuisance, I’ve had to cut back on eating; one of my favorite activities! Well, … Continue reading

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A Goldbergian contraption making meh pizza

 Well, it lays out the sauce and toppings as poorly as a machine since we’ve all had those frozen pizzas that are lopsided with the pepperoni or mushrooms. Human pizza makers will always remain the best. 5900

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RIP: Clarence Williams III & Ned Beatty

These gentlemen were staples on both screens in the Seventies. Clarence got his start in the Sixties with the groundbreaking cop show The Mod Squad on ABC. Three undercover officers who were young enough looking to infiltrate evil gangs of Hippies … Continue reading

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The actual reality was a better show

As the legacy broadcast networks continue to sink into oblivion, they’ve all been pursuing cheap-ass programming to fill time. Fox’s favorite is moronic, celebrity game shows: the Masked Something with Bimbo Judges! NBC, not to be outdone by Murdoch’s vulgarity used … Continue reading

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Shooting on Sixth Street, obviously I’m OK

We found out this morning since it was all over the local news via our devices. Hell, it made the front page of The Guardian. Thankfully nobody of the 13 victims have died and the suspected shooter remains at large. Of … Continue reading

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Sadly, under 40% of Texas is vaccinated

This illustration works in a couple different ways. How stupid the “natural immunity” crowd is, proving that Dr. Toupée Paul went into politics in Kentucky because he is a shitty doctor. He makes Dr. Nicke Riviera a Nobel winner. The … Continue reading

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Well, it’s still better than the last two movie attempts

The best guess we could all make is that the baker/decorator designed this from memory since what it’s trying to resemble has been the most common cover for Fitzgerald’s novel (see below). Instead the cake resembles a relative of the … Continue reading

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Side effects include magnetic powers or a Cardassian forehead

Damn! I knew I got the wrong vaccine since I cannot do that! What I’d give to have magnetic powers like Magneto, Polaris or Dr. Polaris from the comic books! So far every live demonstration coming the Covidiots or Freedumb … Continue reading

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1966: NFL and AFL agree to merge by 1970

With the growing popularity of professional football thanks to TV, the upstart AFL and the older (started in the Twenties) NFL will come together into the newer, bigger NFL. I guess then the Super Bowl followed a year later. We … Continue reading

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Yee Haw! (still not a good foreign policy)

I’m surprised the “rabbit” didn’t need an ambulance from my weight on its back. Obviously it’s fake but the jackalope is the main attraction at this bar named after the mythical creature. Given how crappy the service and dirty the tables were, … Continue reading

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Kitchen is now done, or at least “boy clean”

Operation: Manhattan continues to roll on! I finished the other half of my kitchen by cleaning the stovetop, the remaining cabinet, organized the coat closet, more dishes and then some. I will have to hire someone to do that deeper … Continue reading

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There’s a snake in my yard!

 A weird thing I noticed in the corner of my eye while walking around my yard to the mailbox. I wasn’t brave enough to pick up the snake. I didn’t think the creature was doing any harm, it just … Continue reading

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Happy National Donut Day!

I didn’t know about this until it was too late to buy some. Since we’re going down to Sixth Street tomorrow to enjoy Jennifer’s favorite activity; drinking and singing at a piano bar; I might slip away and hit the … Continue reading

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This month’s über-nerdy header

June 1981 is when I really plunged into Dungeons & Dragons, or as the world has come to know it…D&D. There was a prologue to my 40-yeard-old hobby. After Xmas Break 1980-81, there was a new kid in my seventh-grade … Continue reading

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Another nudge toward defeating chaos

The Memorial Day weekend was put to good use as I tackled the space over the dishwasher, the area where I store the cat food and the biggest undertaking…cleaning out the microwave. The ex was quite a piggy here. She … Continue reading

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