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1932: Coup that failed

While the Fascist (GOP) Party is busy banging the drum about Critical Race Theory and banning books they find offensive: The Lorax, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Handmaid’s Tale, Beloved and The Color Purple; they’re mostly grateful the masses “forgot” this inconvenient truth. I … Continue reading

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Why I don’t miss cable/satellite TV 2022

I’m only a fair-weathered sports fan, aka I tend to watch Packers’ games when they play the Bears or they’re in the playoffs. However, I would say that meme is spot-on whenever I watch Fox’s Animation Domination Sundays or Futurama‘s brief … Continue reading

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Finally under 260 pounds!

It took well over a year but c’mon, I really didn’t get serious until I finally gave up and joined Planet Fitness (or Fatness as I call it for my condition). Getting down to this lower weight was my diehard … Continue reading

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RIP Sidney Poitier

Sidney had a greater impact on film and popular culture for my parents when they were growing up thanks to his Oscar® victory. By the time I was around, he was the straight man in those Action-Comedies he made with … Continue reading

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David Bowie would’ve been 75 today

It’s too bad he didn’t live as long as his contemporaries, especially given their proclivity to just flog a dead horse, e.g. Rolling Stones, The Who. I also know what I’m writing will be blasphemy, but David didn’t end his … Continue reading

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Wow! The Seventies were really fashion-impaired

I definitely have it so much better than my father when it comes to work attire in the white-collar world! By the time I got to enter the workforce in 1991, blue jeans were accepted in most places but a … Continue reading

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Painfully true with many fan boys

I’ve never understood the “political” accusation. A gay couple kissing on TV has little to do with politics since there are gay men with horrendous Right-Wing politics: Roy Cohn, Peter Thiel and we all know even if he doesn’t…Lindsey Graham. … Continue reading

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One element of videogame-based D&D I hate

For those who don’t get it, the comic is mocking (to me) how crappy the AI is in games, especially console-based ones. This is why I prefer to play in person, get the interaction and figure out the real haggling. … Continue reading

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Genoa Achieved!

Today was the seventh milestone via in-door bike! Thanks to joining Planet Fitness, I could pick up where I left off almost two years ago.  It was a shorter leg than Amsterdam’s distance, only 425 miles but my laziness and … Continue reading

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Earth reaches its 2022 perihelion!

Despite it being Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and colder than Hell lately, Earth passed through its closest point to the Sun. I always thought this coincided with the Winter Solstice back in December but that is when our planet’s … Continue reading

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RIP Betty White

So here is my obligatory obituary for Betty as she did have an effect on my life well before the fad involving her got rolling a decade ago. I recall seeing her on The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the Seventies … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Bash 2021-22

I was in charge of NYE activities this year so I chose Gatsby’s House again. I’m a huge Great Gatsby fan and the Roaries Twenties fascinate me as my grandparents lived through it. I know it’s a mixed period since the Republicans left … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2022

Thank Evil MoPac for the bingo card we can use until the next wave of Covid-19 or another wave of Ammosexual MAGAts storm DC. This month’s header is from when Pee-Wee Herman was the guest DJ at some radio station … Continue reading

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Farewell 2021, you sucked less than 2020…so, thanks?

Well…it wasn’t as crappy as 2020 is about I could say about 2021. The year got going with a big scare thanks to Freedumb Fighters, MAGAts and Ammosexuals. So will that be the closest attempt at Girth Vader attempting the Reichstag … Continue reading

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Meet Metztli

Don’t let the grumpy-looking face fool you. It went away pretty quickly! Metztli is very focused on eating because she was starving. How do you pronounce the name I gave her? Since it’s the Aztec goddess of the moon, it’s … Continue reading

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