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Aggie’s “girlfriend” comes by

This calico dropped by in my recently shorn backyard to taunt my cats, namely the smitten Agamemnon. I like to think he has a crush on her since he’s the one who alerted us to her presence and we didn’t … Continue reading

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Black Adam: Don’t even bother

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? If it’s an anti-hero superhero movie for the struggling DC Universe? Then it’s a steaming turd burger covered in cliché sauce and too much exposition! Johnson wants to be the next Ahnold … Continue reading

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Weight loss has finally made some progress

I know I rambled on about this two days ago with my AARP dig but it’s such a thrill to be under 250 pounds again. I think Obama was president the last time I was this light and probably during … Continue reading

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Late Fall/Early Winter has come to Austin

Several days ago we had a thunderstorm roll in and the temperature here hasn’t recovered. Good thing we hit the Renaissance Faire a weekend earlier! Then we just experienced what would be Fall. Now we’re in Late Fall or standard … Continue reading

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Am I turning into a greedy AARP member?

My free blood pressure measuring device arrived today! It’s a perk I have because I have high blood pressure and I’m using the Hello Heart app on my iPhone. Jennifer is a nurse so taking the readings are a basic … Continue reading

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Aggie’s new nap spot during working hours

Due to a certain cat (Nubby) having a horrible habit of chewing through Ethernet cables, I’ve had to close my office door on non-work days whenever I want to write (Picauyune), do the books, etc. Agamemnon didn’t like this. Like … Continue reading

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Being nice to people pays off, Nov ’22 edition

One positive side effect of being in Central Texas for 28 years is the Southern Friendliness rubbing off on me. But I’ve put my Yankee spin on it. See, the South is polite and friendly with an ugly undercurrent similar … Continue reading

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Why Gestapo NPH for this month?

It’s a nod to one of the best Satires made in the Nineties…Starship Troopers which hit theaters 25 years ago. Like most movie goers, I saw it the first time and thought, “Hmm, pretty decent Sci-Fi/Action flick. Not sure it … Continue reading

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The King’s Man

Since Taron Egerton decided play Elton John and passed on being Gary for a third time in the pretty clever Kingsman flicks, the people running this possible rival to James Bond decided to go the lazy, en vogue direction…a prequel. As if … Continue reading

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Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

I finally finished a book! We all (including myself) thought I’d get a bunch read during Covid. No luck. I was really guilty of starting a few, then getting bogged down, forgetting to continue and then losing all the momentum … Continue reading

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More good news that brought Picayune back!

For once it wasn’t one of those annoying groundskeepers or Chinese restaurants sticking something on my door. Initially I thought it was a joke because Google Fiber hit Austin like a decade ago, raging full on. Everybody everywhere in the … Continue reading

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Iffa aye-uh fitsa, aye-uh sitsa!

This was a first for my youngest cat Metztli. Normally when she wants to be alone and go into a deep sleep, she prefers a stool in the dining room because it’s probably the most defensible position. Then I saw … Continue reading

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RIP Gallagher

It was pleasant to see many contemporary comedians writing nice things about Gallagher’s passing as he had been ridiculed as a hack stand-up for the last 30 years. However there was a time I remembered clearly when he wasn’t the … Continue reading

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RIP Kevin Conroy

Sad to hear the person who was the voice of Batman for several decades passed away. Adam West put his mark on the character but Kevin really made Batman synonymous with him since he landed the role for the 1992 afternoon … Continue reading

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I’ve taken some time off from life in general; work, my hobbies, my routine, etc. to reflect on whether or not to keep going forward with life, the universe and everything. I was in a pretty awful, awful mood in … Continue reading

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