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Mama cat London got adopted!

With all the negativity going around for the last several days, it’s great to post some good news I stumbled upon recently. Our foster kittens’ mama was adopted this week! London found a forever family to take her in. I … Continue reading

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Well…SCOTUS has now reached peak irrelevance

It’s now official, the Minority Government in power hates women and poor people. This crap rationale of the most incredible verbal, philosophical yoga will be remembered when Amerikan Democracy went from dying to almost no pulse. I figured the country’s … Continue reading

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Six weeks of exercise attained!

Let’s see. If we divided those six weeks by the number of days it took to hit this landmark over the last 12 years…I’m averaging around 14 1/2 minutes of exercise a day when ideally it should be 30. Yeah, … Continue reading

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A call back to the “simpler days”

Namely that time when the GOP tried to overthrow the rightfully elected and re-elected POTUS for cheating on his wife which hadn’t happened in like…never. I would go out on a limb to say that the philanders are in the … Continue reading

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As per Astronomy, Summer is “here!”

We already have had a one-month head start on the heat wave which also means Climate Change arrived years ago but it remains a fiction to the morons in charge with their legions of millions like my dead uncle and … Continue reading

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Remember, Wall Street and NeoLiberals hate you

Chairman Powell is leading the charge to make sure Grampa’ Brunch will be a one-term POTUS after the Democrats get slaughtered this November, which will make the Bears’ only Super Bowl victory resemble a “mere dustup.” He and his shit … Continue reading

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Double Move hits 500!

Again, not bad that this took almost seven years to achieve as I go through exercising in fits and starts; I did pull off my second day in a row with the hopes this could lead to another month streak!

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Curtains with the help of Task Rabbit

One of the compromises I’ve had to work through with Jennifer involved my immense Chucks collection. Firstly, she wanted them removed from the master bedroom and a TV placed on that wall. I said absolutely not. There’s no other room … Continue reading

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Paul McCartney is 80

Only recently had I given his advanced age much thought. Seems like only recently Alamo Drafthouse had their sing-along for his 64th birthday; 2006 and still at the original Fourth and Colorado location. Paul is doing much better than other … Continue reading

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Bob Garfield hangs up his headphones

Damn! Just when I thought his podcast Bully Pulpit was picking up traction, Bob decided to throw in the towel because there weren’t enough paid subscribers and it’s hard to do something for free successfully in a universe with thousands of … Continue reading

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My pledge reward for indy station WMFU!

Another radio station proving that the problem isn’t technology, it’s content! I found out via Milk & Cheese’s creator Evan Dorkin how to get this unique thank-you gift if I donated a chunk of change to WMFU, a great station … Continue reading

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What became of Arnold and Helga?

Well obviously they got married! Duh! This awesome piece of fan art was made by the same person behind the recent Simpsons couch gag last season. I hope you all remember, it’s the one with the kids being teens, having a … Continue reading

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The January 6 Hearings

As the Democrats…no, the NeoLiberal Dumbfuck Party, sail head first into their drubbing this November, putting Amerika one step closer to a Christo-Fascist dictatorship under Ron DeSantis, they think televising their findings will prevent it. They’re thinking  it will be … Continue reading

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Now most of the US can play!

Welcome to the new Normal! So glad you selfish assholes, namely the Greatest Generation and Boomers, who continued to favor cheap gasoline, we are having the super-hot weather a month early! The added bonus is how you can’t escape it … Continue reading

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Writ Large came to an end

Last year or in 2020, I think I stumbled upon Writ Large via the Onion‘s AV Club which I no longer bother with thanks to the shitty Gawker owners (yet they don’t own nor operate the new version of Gawker) using underhanded tactics to screw … Continue reading

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