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RIP Gallagher

It was pleasant to see many contemporary comedians writing nice things about Gallagher’s passing as he had been ridiculed as a hack stand-up for the last 30 years. However there was a time I remembered clearly when he wasn’t the … Continue reading

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RIP Kevin Conroy

Sad to hear the person who was the voice of Batman for several decades passed away. Adam West put his mark on the character but Kevin really made Batman synonymous with him since he landed the role for the 1992 afternoon … Continue reading

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Loretta Lynn addendum

As the cliché goes, “don’t speak ill of the dead,” but I’ve always thought that was bullshit especially when the dead person was a monster (David Koch, Phyllis Schaffley, St. Reagan, etc.). Now Loretta wasn’t a monster or even close. … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace Judy Tenuta

Crap! We lost the giver goddess, petite flower, Diet Dr. Pepper spokesperson, accordion aficionado and all around hilarious person. I had been following her on her Twitter feed so I knew Judy was undergoing treatment for cancer. I didn’t know … Continue reading

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RIP Loretta Lynn

I’m still not a big fan of Country Music, especially the mass-produced, over polished style nicknamed Nash Vegas as per Webb Wilder. Yet I have respect for Loretta given how she wrote a song called/about “The Pill.” A rather taboo … Continue reading

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RIP Coolio

Sad to hear about Coolio suddenly passing, he was only 59 and was still in demand for his varying talents. Although I’m not into Rap/Hip Hop music, I always loved him for being the voice of Futurama‘s Kwanzabot, a nice, non-violent … Continue reading

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RIP Louise Fletcher

Louise had two big major roles she’ll be remembered for with the public. With Boomers, she was the evil Nurse Ratched in the film adaptation of Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The villain who is supposed to be … Continue reading

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Rot in Hell Ken Starr & Lowry Mays

Two more assholes who made Amerika the shit storm it is today finally died. The former most people know, he was the guy behind the vendetta to undo Slick Willie being elected twice. Starr had a special hard-on to get … Continue reading

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RIP Dr. Frank Drake

Dr. Frank Drake passed away last Friday and he’s pretty famous to me and to many in Astronomy circles, namely for his equation that postulates the possibility of life on other planets in our galaxy. Translated into English or layman’s … Continue reading

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RIP Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara was a great writer and activist who told it like it is! Like most, I never heard of her until she published Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America which came out in 2001. Even then, Barbara was … Continue reading

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Farewell Mikhail Gorbachev

Given how poorly things are going in Russia and the former Soviet Republics, Gorbachev will often be remembered in a positive light, despite agreeing with Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. He also represented some major shifts over there which … Continue reading

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1977: Elvis found dead

Another weird moment from that Summer we were dumped off at Grandma’s while my parents were on vacation in Canada. Elvis Presley, the guy who ushered in the Rock n’ Roll Era, influenced millions, irritated even more parents and was … Continue reading

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RIP Olivia Newton John

Olivia was a huge artist in the soundtrack of my grade school days. Even before every other kid at St. Matthew’s got the Grease soundtrack as a gift, she was a staple of AM radio via WLS (Chicago) with her Soft … Continue reading

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RIP Nichelle Nichols

Farewell to an awesome and incredible person! I had the great honor to meet her about seven years ago at Dragon’s Lair. Mrs. Nichols was very generous to make a quick stop in Austin on her way to a bigger … Continue reading

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RIP Tony Dow

Tony had a pretty good run/life and managed to avoid the post-child-actor tragedy we all hear about. Sure he was often remembered as Wally, the older brother from Leave it to Beaver, a SitCom I never hated yet I could never … Continue reading

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