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RIP Raquel Welch

My ex-roomie Paul said Raquel was his first crush. I would have to go with Valerie Perrine for mine around this era, however, I can see her effect because Fantastic Voyage was a staple on WGN. More people tend to list 10,000 … Continue reading

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RIP Melinda Dillon

I hate it when Twitter informs me of sad, tragic things and I wasn’t expecting the Hanson Brothers (of Slapshot fame) to be the first to let me know this wonderful actress and person passed away. The announcement was delayed as … Continue reading

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Doc Brown in Austin?

Oh the things you see around Austin! I did the best I could at protecting their privacy but the car’s owner gave me permission to share this with Christopher Lloyd too, I put it on his Twitter. Actually, I’m surprised … Continue reading

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Mom and Dad Save the World

This little-known comedy was part of Jon Lovitz’s short-lived career as a leading actor and I remember it briefly existing via a commercial or print ad. However, it probably tanked for being in the shadow of bigger, more successful Summer … Continue reading

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The Exploding Detective by John Swartzwelder

Holy Crap! I’ve finished two books this year! It’s more amazing how I got Detective read entirely within the same year as Guns, Germs & Steel took over a year. I have a quick, serious question for the experts on human learning and … Continue reading

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Glass Onion: Must See

Benoit Blanc is back! This time the mystery to solve is trickier than before since, as per the title, the solution is right there where all can see it but who the culprit is hides behind all the layers planted … Continue reading

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Lucky Logan

Currently, the laziest and most popular screed we’re subjected to is either “the MCU is played out” or Star Wars, take your pick if you think it will make you sound smarter than you really are. One such critic is Martin … Continue reading

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The Exchange

Prez Grampa’ Brunch may have declared the Pandemic over and told us to just live with it, once again proving the Leftists’ point in how there is NO MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE between the modern Democrats (really the NeoLiberal Party) and psycho … Continue reading

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Your Highness

Here’s a dud that didn’t age well after 11 years with James Franco being revealed as a creep adding insult to the injury my eyes endured for almost two hours. I definitely need to see Danny McBride in The Righteous Gemstones … Continue reading

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Metztli is dapper

Before Jennifer went to sleep for the day, as you may recall, she’s working overnights for the next couple months; she made this funny little TikTok movie of Metztli. A little silliness at the kitty’s expense since Metztli prefers to … Continue reading

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Terra Toys showing their Python fandom!

Sure, it’s one of the most overquoted movies in Nerd-/Geekdom and D&D circles, but it’s great to see Austin’s very own Terra Toys use one of its Playmobil marketing stuff to make a Holy Grail joke. If you’re in the area, … Continue reading

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This really cute Coming-of-Age movie set in the Eighties helped solidify how much I enjoy seeing Rainn Wilson in about anything. Before you ask, I’ve barely watched the American version of The Office. I have no opinion of it, thus, I … Continue reading

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RIP Larry Storch

What a run for him! He made it to 99! I’m so glad he was a part of my childhood and then some too. Larry was invisible to me in my early childhood as Mr. Whoopee in Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons, the guy who … Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers the Movie: Must See!

I’m putting this movie ahead of my stalled queue entailing all the crap I’m behind on, it’s a short list since Covid and money kept me from hitting Alamo very much in 2021. Bob’s Burgers the Movie will probably be … Continue reading

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RIP Ric Parnell, aka Spinal Tap’s Mick Shrimpton

Ric was best known as the band’s drummer who suffered the comical fate of exploding near the end of the movie. It was the conclusion to a long-running gag about Spinal Tap having the worst luck with drummers constantly dying. … Continue reading

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