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Video games, RT games, puzzles, etc. on my computer or handheld devices.

One element of videogame-based D&D I hate

For those who don’t get it, the comic is mocking (to me) how crappy the AI is in games, especially console-based ones. This is why I prefer to play in person, get the interaction and figure out the real haggling. … Continue reading

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Apple’s new stuff, namely services are pretty cool

Tim and Company came out to show off what everybody expected. A new iPhone, a new Watch and a new iPad alongside what some of the OS features would be. The cooler stuff which impressed even a grizzled support veteran … Continue reading

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Plant Nanny

My doctor is often reminding me to drink more water, namely to fight my allergies and congestion. So Somara introduced me to this little game. Every time I drink a unit of water, often 500 ml, the plant receives water … Continue reading

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The title is self-explanatory

Legos are superior because there’s a tactile element to them and you have to use your brain. This “game” is mostly button mashing. Don’t take my word for it, check out this rather honest review.

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Creeper/Minecraft Cake

It has been almost a year since Somara had anything to post. Actually I think she did something last Fall before we left for Vegas…and then lost the camera, a very expensive camera. Fear not, Somara is saving up for … Continue reading

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