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This cat must’ve been declawed

This little Golden Book isn’t helping dispel the stereotypes about orange cats.

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Shhh…nobody tell the snails!

Given LEGO’s newfound popularity, I hope these snails have saved up since they’ll be paying Austin real estate rates…if they’re lucky.

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If you don’t want to run away…

The only person who should try to pull this off would be Jairo, the Brazilian Capoeira teacher from Bob’s Burgers. Even then I think the bear is too formidable for his trademark pony tail whip attack. If you still believe you … Continue reading

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P.J. O’Rourke, one more selfish Boomer finally dead

The news came rather late about him passing away from lung cancer, I would’ve gone with smug or intestinal cancer from eating his own dog food, a favorite insult I often received from an incredibly lazy Libertarian co-worker. To many, … Continue reading

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Some levity to counter yesterday and Snowmageddon ’22

At least the free square this year isn’t our two bigger assholes, Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.

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One element of videogame-based D&D I hate

For those who don’t get it, the comic is mocking (to me) how crappy the AI is in games, especially console-based ones. This is why I prefer to play in person, get the interaction and figure out the real haggling. … Continue reading

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More Alex Jones’ products that were not tested soundly

Side effects may include your body resembling Gritty’s ass.

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A little Dune humor that’s at least a decade late

I always preferred what Evil MoPac says, “He who controls the Pumpkin Spice, controls all the White Girls (Susies).” And before you ask, yes, I managed to catch the movie on opening weekend and I’ll write about it…eventually since I’m … Continue reading

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Take that Science!

Nobody illustrates the craziness of people as well as Monty Python’s Fly Circus in how these people could also be against the vaccine for polio, whooping cough and small pox. Three things which are deadlier than COVID-19 and should you survive … Continue reading

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‘Merica! turns 245, will it see 250?

 These Irish comedians are painfully on the nose about ‘Merica these days. Meanwhile, I hope to get my own copy of Team America since Alamo isn’t allowed to show it anymore for fear of North Korea’s wrath. I guess we … Continue reading

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Well, it’s still better than the last two movie attempts

The best guess we could all make is that the baker/decorator designed this from memory since what it’s trying to resemble has been the most common cover for Fitzgerald’s novel (see below). Instead the cake resembles a relative of the … Continue reading

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Side effects include magnetic powers or a Cardassian forehead

Damn! I knew I got the wrong vaccine since I cannot do that! What I’d give to have magnetic powers like Magneto, Polaris or Dr. Polaris from the comic books! So far every live demonstration coming the Covidiots or Freedumb … Continue reading

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Yee Haw! (still not a good foreign policy)

I’m surprised the “rabbit” didn’t need an ambulance from my weight on its back. Obviously it’s fake but the jackalope is the main attraction at this bar named after the mythical creature. Given how crappy the service and dirty the tables were, … Continue reading

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RIP Charles Grodin

Mr. Grodin definitely had a great run and when I became a young adult, I got a better grip on his humor. Before then, I thought he was just a grump on David Letterman plus The Lonely Guy was a boring flick. … Continue reading

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It’s no lime in a coconut

Unless that’s the cat’s name (Coconut) then we could say this is a different concoction or…catcoction?

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