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I’m not your T-shirrrrrrrrrrt!

It has been probably years since I posted one of my shirt acquisitions but maybe this fun one of Chowder will bring it back as a trend. I found this at a store I’ve never heard of called Box Lunch. Originally … Continue reading

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Not Another Teen Movie

From the Scary Movie team trying to make something as well-made as Airplane! and Mel Brooks’ good streak came a take on all the Teen Romance-Coming-of-Age comedies. It was also Chris Evans’ big debut before he became best known as Captain America … Continue reading

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Cast Away

Another movie I decided to watch out of self hate I guess. Given the performance, story line and how a modern-day Robinson Crusoe could pan out; another book which will be modified for the thin-skinned faux liberal peal clutchers; this would’ve … Continue reading

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2003: Dubious & Darth Cheney start Gulf War II

It’s so sad that neither of these assholes and their enablers will ever face justice for the bullshit war they started; the US continues to not join the ICC. America lost over two trillion in blood and treasure along with … Continue reading

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2003: Illinois commutes death sentences on 167 people

In a very uncharacteristic move by a Republican, Governor George Ryan does the morally right thing by changing the fates of those 167 people. Why though? A dirty Chicago cop (I know, I need to be more specific) named Jon … Continue reading

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If Covid happened in the Aughts, the WFH set up

Am I glad we’ve made great progress on getting portables to be more versatile and powerful. Oh, and affordable! As much as I loved the iMac in its earlier incarnations, it was pretty heavy. The guy in the photo must … Continue reading

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RIP Kevin Conroy

Sad to hear the person who was the voice of Batman for several decades passed away. Adam West put his mark on the character but Kevin really made Batman synonymous with him since he landed the role for the 1992 afternoon … Continue reading

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1997: The Cartoon Network matures! Part 2: New shows!

The Header should be showing significant changes that reflect all the shows the Cartoon Network began to add and/or create year by year. In 1997, the channel was now home to brand new material created by the Hanna-Barbera Studio thanks … Continue reading

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RIP Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara was a great writer and activist who told it like it is! Like most, I never heard of her until she published Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America which came out in 2001. Even then, Barbara was … Continue reading

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Craig McCracken returns to the Cartoon Network!

After all the shit storms going down and the oppressive heat, it was great to see some great news through Variety, Craig McCracken will be involved with rebooting (or continuing) his two earliest creations from his long career…The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home … Continue reading

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Farewell iPod: 2001 to 2022

I think the number one reason for the iPod’s demise is the rise of streaming and improved cellular/wireless availability. Jennifer has some kind of unlimited plan which enables her to play a music service through her phone constantly. Throw in … Continue reading

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Seeing Red: Must See

Rather bummed that Disney didn’t have the confidence to release this semi-original idea in theaters exclusively as they do with the MCU stuff. It was stronger than Luca (the Little Italian Mermaid) and about on par with Inside/Out or Soul, the last two near-perfect movies … Continue reading

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RIP Taylor Hawkins

Sad to hear about him passing but all the substances in his blood should never come as a surprise. Touring is hard. With any incarnation of show business, the public expects you to always be “on.” What I’m mostly surprised … Continue reading

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Meet my Mission Hill avatar or self?

I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking, “What? How exactly is that you? You also look like a dirty Hippie! Is this some kind of fantasy?” The short answer is, NO. I despise Hippies since the majority were Boomers and … Continue reading

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Welcome to November 2021!

Originally I was going to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Call of Cthulhu debuting as a roleplaying game but it wouldn’t be sincere. I’ve only played the game a few times and I am trying to get more familiar with it because … Continue reading

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