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Chess robot breaks kid’s finger…

…and then it beat up Deep Blue and Watson for their lunch money! Well, the real story can be found here in The Guardian. I fear that the horrors of Skynet might be closer than we thought and it won’t come … Continue reading

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Meet B.O.B.!

Another addition to Castello di Maggi! Thanks to Costco, we got a good deal on a Roomba to help keep our newish tile floor clean. I named it B.O.B., the beat-up robot with Slim Pickens’ voice from The Black Hole. If you … Continue reading

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Bender’s cousin?

I’ve always wondered about the CapMetro logo sewn into the seats on its light-rail cars. It’s supposed to be the Texas capital building but I can’t help wondering if it’s really a bending unit crossed with a Cylon. You know, … Continue reading

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Austin is testing pizza-delivery ‘bots

The robot mostly made the news because it would be using the bike lanes in downtown Austin which might stir up our vocal cyclist community. I think the robots resemble a miniature Zamboni®. I couldn’t find out who the robots … Continue reading

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A Goldbergian contraption making meh pizza

 Well, it lays out the sauce and toppings as poorly as a machine since we’ve all had those frozen pizzas that are lopsided with the pepperoni or mushrooms. Human pizza makers will always remain the best.

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My Crow(bot) arrived!

After a couple months of waiting and waiting and other crap I don’t want to talk about, Crow finally arrived. He needed a little assembling which was really easy but I guarantee you, this puppet is 99% like the one … Continue reading

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Spirit of 1984 should be the title

Pretty bitchin’ homemade shirt someone had at Pinballz. A Terminator T-something, the kind without the human covering riding a luck dragon from The Neverending Story for those who don’t recognize the white creature. The wearer’s husband has good Photoshop skills so … Continue reading

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Robobarrista isn’t much of a threat

I gave this machine a whirl while I was at WizWorld last weekend. The verdict? Humans don’t have much to fear with this hunk of mediocrity. Firstly, a person could’ve made my drink twice as fast. Secondly, it’s just eye … Continue reading

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Awesomeo sighting!

Everyone’s favorite robot with a live Eric Cartman inside was spotted somewhere. I blurred the lady’s face to protect her identity. A personal favorite episode of South Park because it was actually funny and not filled with Libertarian (translation, tone deaf rich … Continue reading

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New shirt from WizWorld #3: MST3K with the ‘bots!

Just in time for the upcoming live MST3K performances at the Paramount this Sunday! I got my new shirt featuring everyone’s favorite wisecracking robots Crow and Tom Servo! I also can’t wait for the new episodes that will be released … Continue reading

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I don’t know officer, droids do all look alike

An overdue mashup from a new place I scored some shirts from, Teepublic. Normally I’d pass on most Star Wars jokes but if Bender is involved, then I’m sold. Although everyone’s favorite binge-drinking, kleptomaniac has no political loyalties (beyond himself, making him a … Continue reading

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Vegas 2013: Day Three, we upgraded (again)!

One mixed-bag element of timeshare ownership is the meeting during every visit. On the downside there’s the half day eaten up by a presentation, conversation, etc. To compensate, you get tickets to shows and fed. Surprisingly I have enjoyed the majority … Continue reading

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The ultimate Metal band!

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