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I really wanted to see this to scratch a mental itch and what my friends told me was pretty correct, if you’ve seen Goodfellas, there’s little reason to see Casino. It demonstrated how Marty has little right to criticize others, especially when … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Castella di Maggi. May 2023 Rock!

Here’s a great photo of us before we went to enjoy the annual Feast of the Seven Fishes at L’oca Doro. Couldn’t wait to show of my new blazer I got as a gift! I received SEVEN, yes, seven compliments and … Continue reading

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Twenty-five years of Las Vegas, post mortem

What’s really funny about Las Vegas, a city that is always changing…are the elements which have remained the same! You’re probably going, obviously dude! The gambling! The constant hustles! The ugly underside which continues despite the Republicans replacing The Outfit … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Becky Hammon & the Vegas Aces!

Way to go for everyone involved! Being a resident of Austin, we like to bask in the victory since my adopted city is considered San Antonio Spurs territory but we have a fair number of Mavericks and Rockets fans. We’re … Continue reading

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Coming home from Vegas today/tonight

Had to say goodbye the other day to my new little friend Cee Cee, the lead cat at Tahiti Village hanging out in the landscaping. He was my favorite because he was talkative and slept by a palm tree with little … Continue reading

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A rare piece of merchandise of my alma mater

Scored this in Las Vegas and added it to my collection which already includes my pro teams, the Flyers and the Packers. I had to double check this item before I bought it since Marquette stupidly took the same colors … Continue reading

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We’re back from Las Vegas! (2021)

More to follow as we all get back into the grind of life, aka working, living, cat care, etc. We did return last night but today is the decompression day. More highlights and other “missing” stories later. I decided to … Continue reading

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Officially on vacation, that is all

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The Cooler

While Jennifer is walking me through all the Netflix-available seasons of Shameless, she introduced me to this movie I somehow overlooked a couple decades ago. I dig movies set in Las Vegas with two exceptions…The Hangover, not funny; Leaving Las Vegas, super … Continue reading

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Another timeshare doohickey to sit through

Normally when I get those pesky phone calls regarding an “owner’s meeting,” I tend to ignore them unless there’s a free meal and then quickly say no thanks to whatever they’re promoting. It turned out to be an hour well spent … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Finale 2017A

Last entry about our most recent trip to Las Vegas, promise. Above is a photo of the latest success with 27, the day we got married (and it’s Bugs Bunny’s birthday). As per tradition, we make one last bet at … Continue reading

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Steely Dan and other fun in Las Vegas

With Ethan staying at our timeshare with us, I got him a late birthday present of tickets to see Steely Dan, his favorite band. We got dressed up as per the great opening from Swingers but we’re also in agreement that … Continue reading

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Corrected Cats of Tahiti Village 2017, #2

They do have names according to a sales representative but I forgot to take them down and only remembered one. So here they are again along with a few others.

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The new lessons from my 13th visit to Las Vegas

It’s also the 20th anniversary of my first visit to this weird city in the desert. I always learn something new when I spend some time here too. Don’t rent a car from the airport facility, there’s an extra $75 … Continue reading

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We upgraded our timeshare again

Of course I can tell a bunch of you are just shaking your heads disapprovingly and thinking, “suckers.” Not necessarily. We got a pretty good deal to modify the deed to something larger but really the point was “points” via … Continue reading

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