Greetings from my iPad 2!

As you can see, this model has a camera like the other devices so what better demonstration could I do beyond showing that I am still not a morning person after all these years.

How is it? A tad smaller than my previous iPad which was already sold before I committed buying this. The transfer of my backup has been clumsy though, all the passwords I had in various applications had to be re-entered. I know it processes information faster because I’ve watched this model clobber last Spring in a polite race. Still, I’m confident Gatsby II (the original was named Gatsby in honor of my favorite novel) is going kick ass. Yesterday, after I saw my doctor, I went to Barton Creek Mall to have Ghost Armor put on it. The tech had this great scratch-proof backing I totally wanted. Now it looks great! Well, it will look even better when my cover arrives.

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2 Responses to Greetings from my iPad 2!

  1. Ben says:

    The real question everyone wants to know…did you buy pants for your iPad 2?! It just wants a decent pair of pants!!!

  2. Somara says:

    Solomon Grundy want pants too!