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Picayune will be a bit easier with my new MacBook

Last week I blathered on and on about achieving my silly little goal of posting at least once a day for 100 days. Course I pulled it off so I gave myself a reward,…this new MacBook (the Intel-based successor to … Continue reading

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Happy 65th Birthday Madeline Kahn

Another fitting birthday because while I was sick, I watched Blazing Saddles (again) and her Marlene Dietrich imitation from Destry Rides Again is still one of the funniest parts. It’s rather strange she received an Oscar nomination for the role but I’m … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mira Sorvino

Contrary to the Oscar curse they say plagues F Murray Abram, I think she has had a pretty decent and active career. Sure, most people today say “who?” when one mentions her name; my guess is she dropped off the … Continue reading

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W. “Dollar Bill” Wirtz is dead, expect a blackout on his funeral

The last remnant of the Sixties for the NHL died this morning. Old William “Dollar Bill” Wirtz is being revised a la Soviet sytle by the NHL website about all he did. To Chicago fans, he’ll be remembered as the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Somara

This year’s birthday was a low-key affair. I had to do a half day of work while her mother took her out shopping for clothes. Somara got some nice things, namely the pajamas of the Mutts characters, one of the … Continue reading

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1997: Arrival in Cary, NC and why I distrust UPS

With PowerComputing behind me and what I thought would be the end of Austin, my first day in Raleigh, NC began when I arrived at my parents’ house in the rain. It was a rather exhausting and rough start. I … Continue reading

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New incentive for using Feline Pine

Every once in a while, the Feline Pine people have mail-in rebates for their product. I know I enjoyed depositing that five-dollar check into our vacation fund recently. Before I threw away the “envelope” it appeared in, there was a URL … Continue reading

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Happy 111th Birthday to F Scott Fitzgerald

Although his body of work is small and his output was terribly inconsistent due to his lifestyle, The Great Gatsby is still one of my favorite novels. I read it again recently because I bought a used copy at Half Price … Continue reading

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Happy 50th Birthday to Johnette Napolitano

It’s not polite to state a lady’s age but hers (rather, the year she was born) is posted in public forums, namely on my Futurama and Simpsons calendars. Johnette first came to my attention 20 years ago when she was the lead … Continue reading

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100 Days

I was hoping it would be a nicer, more eventful post but right now I felt as if a bus ran me over yesterday so I’ve been out sick. Probably the rain putting mold and other fun items in the … Continue reading

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Here’s a cool Achilles Heel I could live with

People are frequently asking me, how many pairs of Chucks (Converse High Tops) do I own. At this time the answer is 28 and I have some really cool designs. Then Somara sent me a link of this handpainted pair. I … Continue reading

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GH III will be on practically all platforms it seems

Under the writing deadline for today with this entry! For a day off, I was rather busy and then plagued with fatigue, too much to actually finish the first drafts of two other stories. However, I stumbled on this news … Continue reading

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1997: PowerComputing ends for me

Thirteen days after Apple pulled the licensing rug out from under PowerComputing, I drove up to the PowerMart location for the last time, resigned (or quit, take your pick) because I accepted a job in Raleigh with PSW, cleaned out … Continue reading

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Happy 60th Birthday Sam Neill

Before Anna Paquin, Lucy Lawless and Russell Crowe, this gentleman was probably the most famous actor from New Zealand for two decades. Admittedly, playing Damien in Omen III: The Final Conflict wasn’t a terrific start but he hit my personal radar … Continue reading

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The Luhn Algorithm

When The Economist isn’t shilling for unconditional free trade and occupying Iraq, it contains interesting technology and science stories. I had no idea there was a “solution” to credit card numbers as this article demonstrates the Luhn algorithm. I tried it with … Continue reading

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