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1958: Explorer 1 launched into orbit, take that Sputnik!

From what I remember reading in other books, various agencies of the US government were planning satellite launches before Sputnik scared everyone. More of the details on Explorer 1 are on the link. I’m very impressed that the gang at … Continue reading

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Who’s your favorite from the Bond movies?

Entertainment Weekly or as I prefer to call it, Entertain Me Weakly posted their list of the Best & Worst Bond Girls in preparation of the upcoming movie, which may have the worst title yet. Sure, Webster’s can defend the use of the … Continue reading

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Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn

If you read Heir to the Empire right away in 1991 like I did, you may recall Zahn’s earlier novel mentioning the Outbound Flight project: an expedition to the closest galaxy that disappeared without any survivors. It was only important … Continue reading

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Kids, don’t let your parents try this at home

Today was the first decent day we’ve had weather-wise in about two weeks and my father-in-law has been needing his ladder back so I got to climb on to my roof. I have done this before last year to assess … Continue reading

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Happy 40th Birthday Sarah McLachlan

I’m not a big fan of hers anymore, she lost me with Surfacing which I found rather boring so I stopped buying her albums; maybe I should give her another chance through the 30-second samples in iTunes. One close friend … Continue reading

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The All-Star Game remains dull, but the deadline looms

Not bad this year. We’re at the “official” half-way point in the season with the All-Star break. My Flyers now have five more victories than they had the entire season last year! They’re also tied for first in the Atlantic … Continue reading

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Birthday cake for an MC Chris fan

I doubt the birthday boy reads my site but this is Somara’s contribution to a party we are/were attending. She wanted to go with a theme or idea for the recipient yet all I could think about was his motorcycle, … Continue reading

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Season Two

By the second season, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a hit and the network bumped it up to the 8/7 PM slot to kick off their Friday evenings while Clueless slunk off to UPN. I had only seen roughly a … Continue reading

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Judd Apatow, Hollywood’s current golden child of comedy, loans his production company and credibility to Seth Rogen (an Apatow regular) for this coming-of-age picture. It’s a fouler-mouthed version of Weird Science with Dazed and Confused‘s flow (or snapshot) of one … Continue reading

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At least the Icebats won yesterday

The Bats are having a lousy season and are pretty close to last place but they’re currently on a winning streak. Thankfully, they didn’t disappoint me while I used our new digital camera to catch the scoring action (click on … Continue reading

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Bloody Caturday

Nemo and Molly decided to ratchet up their hatred this morning instead of letting us sleep. Normally they get uppity around 5-6 AM because they want to eat. On workdays, not a problem, feeding them is part of the daily … Continue reading

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1958: Willie O’Ree’s first NHL game

The NHL’s first Black player, Willie O’Ree, made his debut for the Boston Bruins this evening fifty years ago. Obviously he’s Canadian, like the overwhelming majority of players were in the Fifties, and he participated when his team was in … Continue reading

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1999: When Steve met Somara

Can’t believe I’ve never posted over this little annual ritual-celebration! I know we always go out to dinner to mark this milestone and before we were married, I think it was mandatory. Sadly, the Chili’s off US 183 is gone, … Continue reading

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Happy 38th Birthday Jeremy Roenick

My favorite US-born player, okay, favorite player, is having a great year. The Sharks were a great move. They’re in first for the Pacific with the Ducks and Stars nipping behind them but the key thing is, this franchise will … Continue reading

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The future of portables and my iPod

MacWorld’s announcements yesterday were interesting as always. Nothing earth-shattering like the iPhone but still some pretty cool stuff. The new MacBook Air may be expensive yet it’s the first step of what the future will probably be like on the … Continue reading

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