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Stars go on to round two tonight

My predictive ability for the AHL is certainly better than the NHL because I got the NHL Eastern Conference totally wrong. It doesn’t help that the AHL rushed the Atlantic Division games through this week; Hershey (the team to beat … Continue reading

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Spotted along the trail at work

Instead of our traditional staff meeting yesterday, we had permission to take the hour allocated to go outside, enjoy the weather. Most people take a lap around some pool created by the street drains from the adjacent neighborhood. While we … Continue reading

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1995: Apple gets started for me

I wouldn’t become a permanent employee for another four years but finally, after three previous attempts to get something (two for the intern program, one with temp work), I landed a temp gig in Apple’s sales support department via Adia … Continue reading

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Somara now undergoing physical therapy

A couple of analyses, drugs and MRI didn’t help. Now Somara is experiencing PT which the ENT doctor calculates as the absolute solution (final has such a nasty connotation thanks to the Pere Ubu song). My initial reaction was why … Continue reading

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Upgrades to site done, slight glitches

Finally got off my duff to move forward with the newer iBlog2 theme and WP 2.9.2 which appears to stick to be the norm until version 3, I guess. It went more smoothly this time. Good gravy what a mess … Continue reading

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Happy 20th Birthday Hubble Telescope

Named after the astronomy Edwin Hubble, this long overdue space-based telescope was put into orbit…and it didn’t work courtesy of a lens ground to the wrong specification (the media probably got this wrong, effective telescopes after Newton use mirrors because … Continue reading

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Stars sweep the Icehogs! On to the division game.

I said it before, I’ll say it again. I knew the Icehogs would lose because they have Chicago’s innate ability to choke in their DNA. How else could they be the Blackhawks’ farm team? The parent isn’t looking much better … Continue reading

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Owl City

Great photo courtesy of this nice person! I know this story is rather late but I had the good fortune to find a cool person who had some great pictures of the show (unlike Vampire Weekend, not even the local … Continue reading

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Flyers eliminate the Devils tonight!

Brian Boucher is somewhat vindicated. Not only did he ratchet-up his game to prove that Ray Emery was a waste of money, he got his revenge on the Devils. Revenge? Ten years ago, Boucher was Philly’s current number one (in … Continue reading

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Bugs Bunny and the gang return

Overall, my excitement is tempered with the usual cynicism plaguing most Westerners born in the Twentieth Century (or later). There was much skepticism over Tiny Toons about 20 years earlier and it worked out. I even bought the DVDs of … Continue reading

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Somara’s MRI was successful

Yet, much like what we say in my profession, NTF (No Trouble Found). Nothing was detected but we’re waiting for some blood tests to come back. I anticipate these to be inconclusive as well. Therefore, what is the cause of … Continue reading

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Austin Stars lead the series 2-0!

Tonight and the night before, my new home team clobbered the Rockford Icehogs in back-to-back games. This is a great start for their first season and first appearance in the Calder Cup playoffs. The “new” guy Dallas sent down, Jamie … Continue reading

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One hundred days to Las Vegas

A pointless reminder for your suggestions since I did get one from Jose! He and Somara must be on the same wave length. She mentioned the Neon Museum as shown on the Las Vegas…I mean, Travel Channel. I will leave … Continue reading

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Happy Record Store Day 2010!

No luck going to Waterloo today to celebrate but I did drop by earlier in the week before attending Owl City. Sure, physical music sales are down due to downloading yet I would say a huge factor is the wasteland … Continue reading

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Somara’s dizziness update

Yesterday she underwent a Videonystagmography test which is something involving electronic goggles to monitor her eye movements versus what her inner eye is failing to get right. I don’t know, it sounds exhausting and tedious. What I do know is … Continue reading

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