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The Hanson Sisters!

We went ice skating last night (second time in a month for me). While the staff was resurfacing the rink, I encountered this trio of little ladies showing off their recently acquired 3D glasses with the lenses removed. I guess … Continue reading

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2005: The Last Day of Christmas IV

My last installment for the Seven Days of Christmas has almost come full circle! Although I began my annual tradition regarding the Holiday period in 2007, I fired up this Weblog format in 2005…so it seems I logged the essentials … Continue reading

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2000: The Sixth Day of Christmas IV, not one call

Christmas Day fell on a Monday again so I chose to work, earn the extra scratch but negotiated the 26th off, it would be a pseudo-short week. Besides, we lived in an apartment that was a mere several blocks away. … Continue reading

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1995: Fifth Day of Christmas IV, Austin 2-Baltimore 1

Christmas 1995 was the comeback year for the Nineties after five crappy ones in a row! All the previous times were marred by a lack of money; people to spend it with; a lingering, dour mood; or a combination of the … Continue reading

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New shoes being shown as the new banner!

Ta dah! Introducing my 66th pair of Chucks and the only thing the Converse Store had in my size I didn’t already own or was under $25. I thought they were pretty funny. Will I actually write my name on … Continue reading

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Iron Man 2

My theory about diminishing returns on superhero sequels was proven true again. It’s not meant to be schadenfreude. I dig these flicks because special effects have caught up with everyone’s imagination and I dig director/writer/actor Jon Favreau. I don’t want … Continue reading

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1990: Fourth Day of Christmas IV, Milwaukee finale

This became the first in a long line of lonely holiday streaks, the Nineties mostly sucked in this department. It was also my first in the adult world…no more four-week breaks, everybody still goes to work between Christmas and New … Continue reading

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1985: The Third Day of Christmas IV, my first flight

Of the four high-school holiday breaks, I still find it amazing that the best one I ever experienced was in Beulah, ND. I think it had more to do with me being a senior than the location. The two in … Continue reading

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Are they Canadian?

See how well you do on this quiz. I nailed 12 out of 15. No cheating by looking at please.

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KMAG’s playlist exceeds 9000 songs now

Adding 1000 songs to the stream took only a year and I’m not exactly sure how I did it either. I’ll go with pure luck. No wait, I’ll throw in all the fantastic releases I’ve scored through friends, Waterloo Records … Continue reading

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Another reason why I won’t eat guacamole…

…besides it tasting like a horrible, rotten form of sour cream. Now Webster showed the origin for the word avocado. Blech! I wonder if vegetarians and vegans will stop eating them because this context makes them like a tree-based, rocky … Continue reading

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1980: The Second Day of Christmas IV, Springfield 2

This is the Christmas when the whole holiday season lost its luster for me. After receiving the Millenium Falcon a year earlier, most gifts afterwards seemed anti-climatic, short of a personal computer; in 1980 those things cost as much as … Continue reading

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1975: The First Day of Christmas IV, G I Joe Day

Christmas is over and that means Picayune reminisces (or navel gazes) about past holiday breaks. I thought I started doing this in 2006 but it originated during 2007 when I probably spent more hours hanging out at Blue Marble (sadly … Continue reading

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Onward to New Year’s Eve/Day!

Christmas 2010 around Chez Maggi was a Slacker holiday. We slept in (actually, I got up at 5 AM to feed the monsters, aka cats), had breakfast and lounged around the house, watching Netflix and DVDs. There was a brief … Continue reading

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On vacation! Posts will still happen

It would’ve been nice if I had more advanced notice of getting the Holiday shutdown off, my first since 1997 and even that one sucked. As a contractor, I had to give up what little vacation time I accrued to … Continue reading

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