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My Stars are out

The Stars and defending Calder Cup champs were eliminated in a painful sweep by the Rockford Icehogs who the surrogate for the insufferable Chicago Blackhawks. I’m bummed we won’t be raising any banners next Fall yet I guess my sense … Continue reading

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Happy belated birthday to Tama!

The calico cat who is given the credit for saving a train station turned 16 yesterday.

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Office Kingdom

A very clever cartoon revealing why bureaucracy appears so slow…you don’t get to see what’s happening behind the scenes or in my line of work, what occurs when the customer is listening to the hold music. Now that you’ve been … Continue reading

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Korra the Avatar

A very skilled artist who rendered each arm bending a separate element with its name (probably) in Chinese. You know I got a small for the real Kora I know through association.

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Patton Oswalt

I knew this show was going to render my badge useless so I bought separate tickets to attend plus it was an early birthday present for my friend Jeremy. Patton blew the roof off! There were a couple openers, excellent. … Continue reading

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Han drank first!

Han Burgandy that’s who! An awesome mashup of everyone’s favorite Seventies intergalactic smuggler scoundrel who moonlights as San Diego’s most trusted anchorman! Along with his navigator Baxter! I love that the artist managed to get this to imitate the beloved Drew Struzan … Continue reading

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1915: Gallipoli begins

Today begins the centennial of a disastrous campaign for the Allied forces which was another demonstration of British arrogance via the over-rated Winston Churchill. Despite hundreds of thousands of deaths, a couple good things came from this. The campaign is … Continue reading

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Dr. Katz 20th Anniversary Show!

Austin’s fourth annual Moontower Comedy Festival began last Wednesday but I didn’t jump in until Thursday evening to see this little reunion show. Dr. Katz was another vehicle for stand-up comedians to do their routines on Comedy Central albeit as therapy … Continue reading

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The HMS Van Halen

Wubba wubba dub dub…we’re sailing in this tub! My 16th anniversary gift to myself, a little pirate vessel, probably a pinnace or cutter used for short-range attacks, a 17th century version of what those Somalian pirates attack with but more sea … Continue reading

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Finally played Settlers of Catan

Once a month, Rogues Gallery does “Gaming with Rogues” which a more focused, regular boardgame meeting, namely to introduce people to new stuff. I finally made a huge effort to check out Settlers of Catan which has been a mainstream success … Continue reading

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