Somara concludes her cake decorating training

Yesterday, Somara officially completed her six weeks of cake decorating training with HEB (the dominant grocery store chain in Central Texas). There was a little pomp and circumstance to celebrate it down at their local HQ. It was a semi-big deal because HEB is trying to standardize the experience from store to store, at least in the Austin area, no idea about San Antonio or the neighboring Mexican states.

Best of all, she received a change in title with the Bakery Department and more importantly, a raise. I’m not going to disclose how much since I don’t know if her co-workers read my site and you know it always happens that people always discover the information you don’t want them to know. Let’s just say, if Somara continues to work 40 hours a week, the amount she received definitely helps.

Now let us see if this puts her another step closer to being on one of those cake-decorating competitions on the Food Network she keeps recording on the DVR.

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2 Responses to Somara concludes her cake decorating training

  1. Mike A says:

    Congrats!!! Can’t wait see her on our DVR someday.

  2. Somara says:

    Thanks Mike.

    The experiment was a success and HEB will be rolling out the same type of training throughout the rest of the regions. It was more of a boot-camp than a class, which is why it was so successful. Now I need to practice more with fondant and gum paste so I can think about competing on a professional level one day.