Happy Belated Birthday to Sonia!

I thought I would have the minimal energy to say something about Sonia’s birthday, the young lady I probably torture by considering her my wiser, savvier, globetrotting, little sister (and yes, I have two other unlucky women I have mentally compartmentalized as big and middle sisters); or as I call her ma petite soeur soeur from our French class days. I also see that I failed to mention it last year, d’oh! Well, better late than never.

Sonia will be given the more complete treatment that Helen received (on this day in history, etc.) later since hers needs more research beyond the obvious anniversary of Pearl Harbor. However, I will share with you a link to her site that is mainly dedicated to her beautiful daughter Julia. If there’s a link to contact her, wish her a belated birthday too. And you can say it in Spanish (her first language) or French (her other adopted language) and probably Polish or German.

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