Pathfinder continues to impress through its staffing choices

Paizo announced Friday that Sean Reynolds was joining them in developing Pathfinder. First the addition of Monte Cook and now him. I doubt Wizards/Hasbro could care less but I’m excited since these gentlemen made major contributions to Third Edition. So far I’ve playtested Fourth Edition and I didn’t like it. Our group already had a vote to stay with 3.5E too; I think the results were 7-1 yet I can’t recall who chose to upgrade.

Anyway, it’s too early to make a judgment call even though I dread which direction I’m already leaning toward. I am more excited over Paizo working pretty hard on Pathfinder when it could be easier to just recycle old material with minor, unimpressive changes…say like Traveller’s latest umpteenth incarnation from Mongoose.

I think Paizo will do very well since publishing Dungeon magazine honed their adventure-writing/editing skills. The Gamemaster line of modules prove it: decent premises, great maps by my elusive friend Lazz and solid execution. Only the NPCs are a tad flawed which I would blame on the OGL’s limitations.

Wizards’ attempts through its new online offerings and few printed products have been terrible. It’s as if Wizards’ staff completely forgot how to write adventures about two to three years ago since the current stuff is more reminiscent of TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes; just large maps, fights and padded with NPC stats instead of substance.

I have enough junk to play for decades so if all the RPG companies went under tomorrow, it wouldn’t make a ripple in my group’s schedule. I’m going to stick with my Gaming Sensei’s mantra too, “If we’re having a good time, then we’re playing the game correctly.”

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