Austin’s first (pre-season) AHL goal

Our new team, the Austin Stars, calling them the Texas Stars is stupid because Houston and San Antonio are also in our state. Besides, the New York Giants and Jets play in New Jersey and they’re not named after another state or city.

Despite the 4-3 loss to the San Antonio Rampage, this doesn’t count but I managed to capture our first AHL. Now we’re getting somewhere as the 16th largest city in the United States. Enjoy. I hope to capture more cool ones as the season progresses. This also my first upload to YouTube. Yeah, I know, I’m behind the curve yet the new QuickTime X in 10.6 makes it less of a hassle.

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One Response to Austin’s first (pre-season) AHL goal

  1. Jeremy says:

    State names for team monikers are quite common even where there’s other teams in the state. There’s the Texas Rangers, even though there’s another team in Texas. The LA Angels were the California Angels for most of their history, despite there being FOUR other teams in Cali. There’s two teams in Florida in both the NHL and MLB, but both Miami teams are called “Florida”. Then there’s the Golden State Warriors, even though there’s three NBA teams in the state.