Sweet Slammacow from Moscow!

It’s pretty hard to synthesize catchphrases from two of my favorite cartoons on the air today, especially when I’m trying to use Jake and Bender, the John DiMaggio characters. Maybe I’ll come up with something better days later, keep fueling those l’espirit d’escalier thoughts that have plagued all my life.

Thanks again Teefury! In order to make room, I am retiring all the Doctor Who stuff and sending them to my niece (really my cousin Matthew’s daughter) in Wisconsin. She keeps going on and on about wanting to attend the University of Iowa. I’m not sure why the young lady is excited over a school in the boonies, her father went to Fordham in NYC!

Up next, another mashup involving Adventure Time and my daily vice.

Meanwhile, here are the rejected catchphrases, submit yours:

  • Sweet Zombie Glob!
  • Oh…your…Glob!
  • Bite my shape-shifting ass!
  • Slurmarific!
  • Great Virtual Glob! (reference to the recent “Near-Death Wish”)
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