Weird shoe day

Today I forgot to pack a pair of Chucks in my gym bag! One would think that if a person owned over 80 sets (I will update my FAQ in the next quarter), I could remember to throw them in. I spent the day wearing my running shoes; after I took a shower, etc., all the post-running stuff I do practically every day.

It was a weird feeling. I have been wearing Chucks practically every day of my life since 1986, the year I gave up trying to find Vans and returned to the beloved basketball shoe. Now there have been times I don’t wear them, namely formal matters like my wedding! However I don’t wear any other brand, type or kind of casual shoe. Non-casual shoes are reserved for specific functions: running several miles/day, getting dressed up in a suit or mopping floors in a movie theater. Everything else is Chucks time! I also have two pairs designed specifically for cold weather so the ice and snow of Chicago couldn’t stop me.

Back to the weird feeling…

The closest description I can give on the experience: it was like wearing high heels all day, except I never twisted my ankle.

Before I go to bed, I’m securing a pair in the gym bag in advance. According to the spreadsheet I have to keep them all organized, Wednesday’s are a color…Light Gray.

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