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Look! It’s Calculon from All My Circuits!

One of my non-autograph, non-picture and non-apparel acquisitions from the recent convention. After Bender, Calculon is my next favorite robot on the show because he is such a gullible ham. Due to his age and being the original werecar from the … Continue reading

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Norman Reedus

Here’s a quick snippet of many, many cool things to appear on Picayune from our attendance at Austin’s comic-book convention, aka the Wizardworld circuit. As you see, this gentleman is currently famous for his role as Daryl on AMC’s hit … Continue reading

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Maggi Picayune is recuperating for a bit

I’m hoping that taking the rest of Sunday night off from everything, similarly to what I ended up doing for most of Friday…on my first paid shutdown day, argh!…will result help my recover from what was an incredibly awesome weekend. … Continue reading

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My nephews’ Halloween costume

The oldest nephew Hunter found a way to re-use his walker (which he doesn’t need anymore) from his recent knee operation. I can’t get Cannon to go…squirrel!

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Seems there was a little more left in the tank

Last I lamented about how the annual comic book from Bongo had seemed to run its course. There really wasn’t much else to parody and this was started to redo premises/stories the TV show had covered a decade ago. This … Continue reading

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Thomas Dolby 2012!

Thankfully Thomas Dolby returned to Austin after performing at SXSW this Spring, it says I live in a very awesome city. Well I feel it does because I know Milwaukee wouldn’t be worth another attempt. Last time I saw Thomas was … Continue reading

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Robot & Frank: Worth Seeing

Low-key SciFi seems to be the “in” thing lately but unlike Looper, Robot & Frank is a more light-hearted story set in the near future. It’s always great to see a movie made for adults too. What I reveal here … Continue reading

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Italian #19: Albert “Cubby” Broccoli

I’m glad I didn’t cover this world famous movie producer last year because 2012 is the 50th anniversary of Dr. No, the first Bond film he co-helmed and what would be the template for the franchise. There had been attempts … Continue reading

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The Molly Fund is a go

For those readers who managed to slog through the majority of my 4000-plus word piece over Molly’s departure, I mentioned possibly doing a memorial fund in her honor. This morning I discussed the details with White Rock’s accountant and starting … Continue reading

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Gorillaz Chucks

I like a couple songs by this band but I’m a bigger fan of the artist, I think used to do some Tank Girl stuff. When Journeys had these on these on sale/clearance, I went ahead and added them to … Continue reading

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RIP George McGovern

His failed bid to unseat Tricky Dick happened when I was four yet it’s about the only thing the man is remembered for. Never mind his WWII record, his opposition to the Vietnam War (amongst many) and involvement with anti-hunger … Continue reading

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Happy Fifth Anniversary Nancy & Jose

Our friends tied the knot back in Orlando on this day five years ago…it was on a Saturday then too! Awesome because we turned this wedding into a mini-vacation, I can’t remember why we didn’t go on a formal vacation anyway. … Continue reading

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Last week I got to attend the sold-out Garbage concert at La Zona Rosa. They were supposed to play this Spring for Record Store Day but co-founder Duke had a personal emergency causing them to reschedule. Lucky me because I pounced … Continue reading

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1987: Black Monday

It’s a good thing I spent the energy to check out The Economist today or else I would’ve missed this scary landmark I recall clearly in college. Besides their Thurston Howell III manner of talking crap about labor rights, I … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to little e

The first and oldest daughter of our friends Kelly and Ethan celebrates her fifth birthday. Tonight will be a big celebration with the parents. We sent Evie (her actual name) a card but it was no ordinary card, it’s a … Continue reading

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