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Oz the Great and Powerful: Worth Seeing

The Summer movie season kicks off this weekend with a Marvel-based character making it official. Should we be surprised it coincides with the annual Free Comic Book Day? Before we launch into what a great run (2012 was eventful) or … Continue reading

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Weapon against diabetes (health 2013 part 2)

Today was pretty decent. The nasal spray the Apple-based doctor put me on may be getting results. I cough, wheeze and hack much less. Let’s see if I drop to zero tomorrow. Meanwhile, I wanted to show off the cool … Continue reading

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Some good health news

Not everything involving my personal health in 2013 has been negative or miserable. I wasn’t too thrilled to do the math with my boss on missing about 17.5% of possible working hours for the fiscal year (I didn’t press to … Continue reading

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Belated iTunes Store anniversary piece

I knew there was something I forgot to blather about last night! When we were driving home Friday night, Market Place mentioned this but I got distracted by many other things over the weekend. It’s 10 years later and much has … Continue reading

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Mostly fattening

A birthday cake for someone who really enjoys the Douglas Adams novels.

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Two new designs from Pinballz

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The Canadians have a clever rebuttal

This hilarious public service announcement produced by the Canadian Ministry of Health seems to be derived from an old Steve Martin joke: Smoker: Do you mind if I smoke? Steve Martin: No. Do you mind if I fart? I know … Continue reading

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RIP Chrissy Amphlett

Best known as the lead singer of the DiVinyls and their biggest American hit, “I Touch Myself,” but I had heard of the Aussie act when I was in high school during MTV’s salad days. Chrissy came off like a … Continue reading

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My overdue rejoicing about Google Fibre coming to Austin

Maybe it’s karmic payback for those shittalkers saying Austin is a pretentious city but I was thrilled about us being the second destination for Google’s high-speed Internet access. I didn’t know they offered television channels. I can live without them … Continue reading

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Jabba’s Palace = Hagia Sophia?

Thankfully Lego didn’t capitulate to any group (depending upon which account you read) and withdrew this playset. However, I can see the resemblance…

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Let’s hope this relapse is it for a long time

Just when I thought I could manage or finish off my recent cold (the one contracted right on my 14th anniversary), I went to bed Sunday night with serious chills. I had to crank the heater in the car because … Continue reading

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Futurama‘s cancellation was inevitable to me

Personally I figured that this upcoming season would be the end because Comedy Central’s five-year contract for rebroadcasting rights to show the first four seasons was ending. I’m not an expert on what the ratings were but basic cable channels don’t … Continue reading

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Another NFL inaction figure

Even the Star Wars line has characters that act as bench-warmers (Bespin Guard #2, Death Star Protocol Droid) and this thing spews 12 different “Christian” cliches to politicize football even more unnecessarily.

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You might want to double check this handyman’s toolbox…

…as this was found on the back of his truck’s bumper. Knowing the neighbor he was visiting, I highly doubt things started out like those movies.

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Farewell Porkchop

With all the hubbub in my life and around my house (Princess gave birth to her third known batch), I have procrastinated my tribute to a sweet cat who recently passed away. Porkchop was one of Kristin’s cats. By the time … Continue reading

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