RIP Peter O’Toole

Lawrence of Arabia is the movie my parents know him for. With me it would be My Favorite Year which was loosely based upon Mel Brooks’ time on Sid Caesar’s show when Errol Flynn was the guest. I had heard of him earlier in a movie I wasn’t allowed to watch on HBO called The Stuntman because it was rated R.

I’m completely stumped on other great performances Peter did beyond Ratatouille so I’m rushing to…FairyTale: A True Story, OK he made that mediocre film bearable with his portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle (Harvey Keitel was Houdini and he kept his clothes on). Now I remember him in Masada on TV! He was awesome as the Roman commander, playing how we think and hoped the Romans would be like. D’oh! How could I overlook him as Henry II in Beckett and The Lion in Winter.

Gonna’ miss him.

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One Response to RIP Peter O’Toole

  1. Michael says:

    Hey Steve! I got your Christmas card..thanks as always! A few other movies Peter O’Toole was in were Troy (King Pram) and Creator, where he played a scientist trying to clone his deceased wife. The movie sticks in my mind because the film also stars Virginia Madsen, who has a very sexy shower scene. Hey I was a teenager at the time so I remember these things! Hope your family has a great Christmas.